two o’clock in the morning


it is two o’clock in the morning



i can see tomorrow and I have forgotten today…   

the image in my mirror is someone else …

the image in my mind is me…

the news today is yesterday …

the song on the radio is now inside my head …

i think too much at two am

and not enough during the day …

is it just me?

or you?

a man in a white coat is looking through my window

and the shades are pulled down

my imagination is in top gear

and i can’t imagine

i think it’s taylor swift on the radio


maybe warren zevon

i can’t make enough mistakes …

my decisions are not mine …

but they are

is my life a dream or my dream my life?

sleep is such a luxury …

a skip in time is too frequent


time is too fleeting

the morning is for today


the night is for tomorrow

my crossroads do not cross

i can play the game

while the game plays me

it is beginning to rain

and the wind is picking up

as dark is getting darker


the wait begins


it is now three in the morning

or am i just dreaming that it is

  outside the window

the road beyond the curve beckons with  mystery and suspense

but i’ll take it

just because

there will be plenty of time to sleep later


the one thing i am certain of


 my sneakers will still be red high top chuckie tailors

in the morning

red sneakers

go figure

  • Warren Zevon - I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

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  1. Carol says:

    Love it

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