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yew1On the 7th of November 2015, under the 600 + year old yew trees at Huntington Castle, Ciaran O’ asked my daughter Colleen  to marry him.

The night before, after a late dinner, he asked me if a game of pool was in order and we adjourned to the Sibin (pool) room.  But  before he set the table up he said  “I have something I would like to ask you”.  The way he said it you just knew that something powerful and important was coming your way, “I would like your permission to ask Colleen to marry me…”  I put my arms around him and hugged him.  He backed off and said “you didn’t answer me” “Of course’, I said.’ and when are you going to ask her?”

Before Christmas he replied.  He said he thought about asking her in Paris that upcoming weekend at the U2 concert (backstage seats from the Edge’s  assistant) but ruled that out because of the distractions.

We played some pool and after 4 or 5 games I crawled away badly beaten but very happy with life.

Unbeknownst to me, the day before he had contacted Alex Robinson the owner of the castle http://www.huntingtoncastle.com and shared his plan with him.  He asked Alex if he would set up a table under the yew trees and chill his bottle of champagne.  He told Alex that he would text him  just before he got to the “yew walk”   and to set the table and bring on the champagne before he got there.


Why here?

Colleen’s favorite place on earth is Clonegal (I would like to say that the “beach” is a very close second).  She has been coming here since she was a baby, staying at her grandparents house and now Brow Cottage.  The old house is the first house on the left as you drive up to the castle.   The white stone house is now an upscale restaurant  called Sha- Roe Bistro.

The drive to Huntington Castle


Sha- Roe Bistro

sha5Colleen was in no rush to go for this walk and Ciaran had everything planned out and on schedule with Alex.

During the walk Col questioned Ciaran on who he was texting and he gave some harmless answer to pacify her.  About 10 minutes later turning on to the “yew walk” Col noticed a table sitting in the middle.  They continued on and Ciaran dropped to one knee and held out a beautiful emerald/diamond ring and asked her to marry him. 

She said yes!

They sat down drank a bottle of champagne and returned to Brow Cottage with the news and for a few more bottles of champagne.  It was a great night.

… of course, this saga is to be continued.

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4 Responses to will yew …

  1. Sam Shoolman says:

    So awesome.

    Thanks for sharing the story, Daniel – and congratulations to the whole family!

  2. Claire and Raymond Cabral says:

    Oh My Lord!!! Congrats to all especially the future bride and groom. So very very happy for you ….and the story is very romantic. Love to everyone….sincerely the Cabral family across the pond 🙂

  3. mark.southworth@comcast.net says:

    So happy for everyone! A great story.

  4. Joyce french says:

    congratulations and best wishes to all.
    Ciaran you have a most special fiance
    we look forward to meeting you as well.
    Mary and Dan such great news Thany you for sharing the beautiful story with us
    Love and Hugs to all
    Joyce and Bernie

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