You can bank on it…ARTBANK Bunclody, Ireland

IMG_6641Some of you know that I spend some time in Clonegal, Ireland which is located about 7 miles from a town called Bunclody.

The other day I was walking down main street Bunclody and came across a sign outside the old AIB bank building (oh yes banks failed over here too). It read ARTBANK. In I go and meet Maraed Butler and I introduce myself as a driftwood/found object artist. She suggests that I come back to show her husband, John Renwick  some of my work.

John greeted me the next day and asked where my “stuff” was. I told him I left them in the car and he insisted I bring them in. I did and John set me up in the front window of the gallery, probably the best spot in the house.


IMG_6642john renwick

A couple of things impressed me that day. First and foremost was John. His energy, creativity, patience, and class was captivating. Then the art displayed and his brief chat about the creative talent in the area (to date, there are over 60 artists involved). Lastly, he had started the gallery just 2 weeks before the day we met. I asked if there was anything I could do to help.

If there is one thing the Marine Corps thought me was never to volunteer for anything. So far. this is not the Marines.  The First organizational meeting just took place and several renown artists were in attendance along with a curator of shows in New York, Germany and London.  She is a fireball and when she walks in the room you know it. Anya Von Gosseln.

anya2A photographer from South Africa and an artist from Germany.  Another artist moved from Galway to  Bunclody.  Not exactly a village on the tourist map…but soon to be.

Photographer Craig Dutton

craig dutton

 Artist Josephine Grant


Artist Mary Wallace

Daffodil by Mary

Maria Levinege artist

maria levinegeDick Donagh, a graphic designer and a member of the planning team sketched out what was intended to be just an idea for a logo.  Several members of this group, including me, like it.  He did it in about 30 seconds.  We will be voting on several versions of it at our next meeting.

Artbank_logo copy2.psd

As a member of ARTBANK™Bunclody’s development team, we are deep into a flexible business plan.  It is a working paper designed to change for the better. It has a vision for the future and can operate in the present. There is a creative spirit embedded into the document along with a spirit of community need.   A spirit that Jon Renwick’s supportive methodology is based on and  driven by the volunteers that have been moved by his spirit, energy and ideas.

artbankpic1 artbankpic2 artbankpic3 artbankpic4 artbankpic6

ARTBANK™ Bunclody is a non-profit organization that welcomes volunteers willing to work and those  visionary organizations and individuals that can make a financial commitment towards the responsibilities that a simple yet aggressive mission has set forth.

As in the movie Field of Dreams, build it and they will come.

This spirit must be fed and the lights must stay on …stayed tuned.

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2 Responses to You can bank on it…ARTBANK Bunclody, Ireland

  1. Hi Daniel,

    Can I congratulate you on what you all have achieved in Bunclody. I’m living in Dublin but my mum has been living on Barkers Road for almost 20 years now. I do a bit of painting – see my Twitter page above. I couldn’t really volunteer at the bank, except maybe the odd weekend, but I just wanted to say hi and well done.

    Best wishes for 2016

    087 4167894

  2. John Renwick says:

    Beautiful paintings on old roofing slates and river stones were brought in by Rachel ‘RAY’ Jackson yesterday – it was the highlight by far of our Easter Sunday afternoon in ART BANK :-)!

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