Blame it on the Atlantic

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It could be the rain and then again it could be the Irish whiskey “but” I swear she, the weather girl, said “clearing, with periods of sun and a slight possibility of showers”.

She said this two days ago. Now I have been in country since sometime in November and I can’t remember a day that it didn’t rain.

She went on to explain why the country is getting all this rain, once again I thought she said, “this weather is coming in from the Atlantic”. No shit, the last time I checked a map the fucking country was in the Atlantic.

You may have noticed that I put BUT in quotation marks. I did it because it is simple word that the Irish use frequently. It can change the direction of the conversation or more specifically the weather forecast.

“Clearing with periods of sun… BUT… with a slight chance of a monsoon followed by four more weeks of rain.”

I have written about the two levels of excellence in Ireland (brilliant and fucking brilliant) and the range of use for the word “bit” (you have a bit of a problem Mr. Smith, your house is floating down the Slaney River BUT the word “but” is a game changer in another way.


Hey the people over here make fun of the way I talk so today it is the way they, the Irish, pronounce “but”.

Those on the other side of the Atlantic (where your weather might come from) will have to go to some Irish pub and find a recent arrival from Ireland and then ask them to say “but”. Those here, just listen to the way I say “but” and try to listen to the way you all say “but”.

You might have noticed I said “try” to listen…because the Irish don’t listen. Oscar Wilde writes If one could only teach the English how to talk, and the Irish how to listen, society here would be quite civilized.


Yes we all know Americans are just perfect in every which way, especially forecasting the weather. Just ask Bostonians if anyone forecasted 9+ feet of snow last winter.


It’s that fucking Atlantic Ocean that causing all the climate changes on both sides.

You may have seen a recent posting of me coming out of the water a few days ago. It wasn’t the Atlantic my friends it was the Irish Sea and it is a dam good thing I swim in Buzzards Bay when back in the States.


As a matter of fact I believe the Chinese are now blaming their economic problems on the Atlantic Ocean…and Mr. Wilde added “If the Atlantic Ocean was replaced by Buzzards Bay the English and Irish would be a “bit” safer.”

Oscar’s uncle Harry said that while drinking Irish whiskey in his upper deck cabin on the Titanic.


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  1. Carol says:

    It’s raining cats and dogs We feel we are back in Ireland.
    Loved Blame in on the Altantic

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