Saint Patrick’s Day with lots of green salads


The Irish in Ireland or where ever they may be will celebrate almost any event especially when it stops raining. St. Patrick’s Day on the other hand is more than just an event it is a day that one takes comfort in that snakes are nowhere to be found in Ireland.

That fact alone is reason to celebrate and apparently some people over here like their celebrations so much that an entire section of the Irish Independent Newspaper (Living 3/6/16) was devoted to drinking.


I was recently told a story, from a very reliable source, about this good family gentleman that frequented a wonderful pub that comes alive with music late in the evening. He was, by all accounts, the pub’s best customer.  Unfortunately he passed. His family held the wake at the pub and I’m sure the pub will sorely miss him.

He weighed in at around 300lbs and at least 3-4 times a week, at this pub, god only knows where else he went, he would consume about 12 shots of Irish whiskey and wash it down with the same number of pints of Guinness. Must have had a very good government pension, his liver that’s another story.


He was laid out at the pub and music, dance and drink were in ample supply. At the end of the evening just before they closed the coffin his daughter approached with a glass of whiskey and opened her father’s mouth and poured it in and kissed him goodbye.


The best come back line about “drink” that I have ever heard was from a friend of mine who was having some medical problems and he asked his doctor if it would be OK to have a glass of wine with dinner. She replied, sure but balance it out with a salad. His response was a “classic”. What if I have 6 salads?

I recently saw a picture of him with an absolute gorgeous  woman by his side on some Caribbean Island. It looked like he was eating salads all day.


The controversy regarding  Good Friday continues, the Irish public are once again split on the tradition banning the sale of alcohol during the religious festival.

green bottles….well at least they’re green.

The rule prohibiting the sale of alcohol came into effect in the 1924 Intoxicating Liquor (General) Act, a version of which is still used today. The original read:

“It shall not be lawful for any person in any county borough to sell or expose for sale any intoxicating liquor or to open or keep open any premises for the sale of intoxicating liquor or to permit any intoxicating liquor to be consumed on licensed premises … at any time on Christmas Day, Good Friday, or Saint Patrick’s Day.”

Back in 1960, a newer version of the act repealed the Saint Patrick’s Day ban, giving it the same rules for alcohol trade as a Sunday.

jamison…I only drank one….

However, the provisions banning the sale of alcohol on Christmas Day and Good Friday were never repealed, and stay in effect to this day. The Christmas Day rule is less contentious, as most shops are closed on that day.

…and with that history lesson and while I’m thinking of what “drink” to have with my salad “s”  I wish you all Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


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  1. Mark Southworth says:

    I’m enjoying plenty of salads in Paradise, oil and vinegar on the side,please!

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