I’m out of milk

dick tracyThe face of my watch is broken and I’m thinking about getting a new one because when I’m away from home I would like to know if I have enough milk and cold beers in the fridge. Huh?

faxAahh…don’t ya just love this new technology?

…but then again, I still have a difficult time understanding the process of putting a piece of paper into a machine, calling up a number and the exact copy of that paper comes out of another machine thousands of miles away in a matter of seconds.

Now I am being asked to understand that you can call up your refrigerator on your cell phone so you can look to see what is or is not in it.  They go for around what you would pay for a small car.

look in fridge


When someone rings your door bell and you’re not at home, your cell phone will alert you and you will be able to see who is at the door and communicate with them like your really there…or watch your dog tear up every thing in the house and all the while you thought it was the cat.

Now what I do understand is losing a bet in a pub and having to hitch hike around Ireland with a fridge.

round ireland with fridgeMy lap top is an antique and I do believe it is on it’s last legs so what do I do, buy a refurbished one on e-bay.  So what happens my old one is pissed because I bought another one and is now working better than the refurbished one.  Oh yes cars and machines have a soul and they can sense when you’re going to get a new one or at least think about getting a new one. My cell phone is not smart and will never be able to talk to a refrigerator but thinks it can.  Not sure what I’m going to do with that situation.

I drive a car that can not park itself and God knows that I certainly can’t park one.  I think I’ll wait until they get this whole thing down about cars driving them self.

self driving

Apparently it is all about apps.  Do all these apps make you smarter and your life easier?  If they do, and I can understand how they function and don’t have to look for some eight year old kid to show me how everything works and when it doesn’t, how to fix it, I’m in.

Hey, I’m sorry, I’m going to have to leave you cuz a refrigerator in the local appliance store is calling or trying to call my cell phone and an Amazon drone is at my door with my new fax machine and watch. 


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