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my-pillowIf you have never seen a My Pillow advertisement on TV or listened to one on the radio welcome back to earth. 

Hey I don’t sleep much and I  got sick and tired of these ads so I bought one.  Why…because Mike tells me all his pillows are made in Minnesota, that his pillow is the National Sleep Association’s official pillow… thinking his ads would go away and foolish me, help me sleep.  

His pillows are made in Minnesota.

Have you bought gold from William Devane yet?

Well apparently you better hurry up because Minnesota is running out of gold.

I am not saying this charity is not a good one but please enough of this song and advertisement.  I will not post the song cuz if I did I would have to start taking drugs made in Minnesota…but I have posted a before and after picture of this “kid”.  The ad has been around for awhile and the “kid” is no longer a kid.  He now conducts his “business” in Minnesota.

karscar-thiefOne on my all time favorites advertising campaigns featured a girl called Rula Lenska an English actress. She mainly appeared in United Kingdom productions, but also appeared in a US advertising campaign that presented her as a celebrity.  If your not around my age you won’t have a clue who she is and for that matter, when the ads were run, no one had a clue who she was either.

…But what I like about the campaign was she was presented as a celebrity and because of that she became one.

Hi…I’m Rula Lenska

Rula now lives in New Ulm Minnesota with  “beaver” the cat who is a celebrity in her own right.

Coming next the “Commissioners”  … Brady…Goodell … and beaver refugees from Minnesota.

Hope you enjoyed it LEC.

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