“The” Commissioners

If you don’t know who Roger Goodell and Tom Brady are you might as well be reading Alice in Wonderland.


gooddel-kraftbeaver-dam Do we agree that the weather (not so much for the Bills game) for football has been relatively  mild and that footballs should not be affected by this type of weather.  I also understand that, as in the past, all quarterbacks play with the same footballs. I also note, that since Mr. Brady has returned to the Patriots and with his handling of the same footballs that others use, he is a ‘bit’ more efficient and as a result, the team is doing quite well.

Can I hear an amen?

brady…and should we expect that Mr. Goodell to make a trip down or as Mainers say, up I 95 to the Shaver Dome on Route 1 any time soon?

One would hope that Commissioner Goodell is enjoying his new home and neighbors in Maine….and oh ya his $34,000.000.00  a year salary.

goodell-home Speaking of Maine…and Moosehead Lake.  I wasn’t speaking of Moosehead Lake and other things, but I will anyway.

moosehead You may not be aware that Maine beavers have formed a tree dam building league and the Captain of the Moosehead Lake Flat Tails has been suspended for 5 dam building matches for, as the league Commissioner outlined in his statement,  ‘floating’ in ‘soft’ logs.

beaver-2 …I say make a beaver hat out of this buck teeth cheater.

The owner of the Moosehead Tails has ‘rolled’ over and will forfeit hard wood and lots of branches. The Commissioner has also suspended a tail back of the Portland Beavers for 1 match, let me repeat that for 1 match, ‘for’ excessive and abusive action on a female beaver.  I can imagine that there was a lot of locker room talk about that one.


…buy the rascal a beer.

The Commissioner from both leagues seem to have cozy relationships with the owners in their respective leagues.  $34,000,000.00 for one and all the twigs of aspen they can eat (favorite food) for life and a suite at the Moosehead Dam Ritz for the other, not bad deals.

loggers2Aside from all this BS… I must confess I have a special place in my heart for Moosehead Lake, my father used to bring us up there when we were kids.  He, as a young man, was a logger and as he explained it, if you fell off a log you never came back up.

Never came back up.  What a way to make a buck.

My Dad attended the Clay (before he was Ali) Liston fight in Lewiston Maine but missed it, he was at the bar buying a beer.

I watched a documentary on Joe Willy recently.  I know, he wasn’t from Maine but one of his girl friends must have been.  It was great and did you know he signed with the Jets for $400,000.00 plus a Lincoln convertible.  If you get a chance and even if don’t like him, it is well worth watching.


Just in off the wire…the beavers on the lake in the back of Goodell’s estate have applied for a franchise in the dam building league. Goodell fired off an email, yes an email to Commissioner Beaver…FUCK YOU… not on my property…strong letter to follow.

I believe Roger the Dodger is an attorney and therefore able to pen such  detailed and forceful documents.










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