Santa and the fireplace



Our across the street neighbors visited us last night.  They have two children, an eight year old red headed girl and a four year old boy.  The four year old first words, when he was about two, were “Dan”…then it became “Hi Dan”…now it’s “what are you doing, where are you going, I have a hockey game today”, and last night was pure confusion and innocence.

We were all sitting in the kitchen and he signals to Mary for her to come in the living room and he points to the fireplace and say “Mary, with all those books in the fireplace how is Santa going to get in the house?”

Mary told him we were going to be in another house for Christmas and that house had a fireplace that did not have books in it and that we were going to leave a note for Santa to come to that house instead.  “Maybe you should take those books out just in case he wants to come here”, he continued.

Mary went on about Santa coming to the other house last year but looking at the confused expression on his face, he still wasn’t convinced that Santa would be visiting us at all.

His innocence and questions made my night and when they left I felt like taking all the books out of the fireplace.

Happy Christmas… and make sure your fireplace is Santa friendly.

I am not counting this as my 200th blog posting…so I’m still waiting for your submission.

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