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I am honored to have a man that is a great… person, husband, father, grand father, teacher, coach (Hall of Fame), story teller and a “fb” friend as the guest writer of my 200th blog posting.

I sincerely thank him for being a “risk taker” and my friend.


 Personal Museums – Mark Southworth

Collections provoke curiosity and people enjoy examining and letting their imagination create the story. We stroll through exhibits and so many questions intrude our minds. People display their own treasures to the fascination of friends. Over the years, here are some of my favorites:

Hilda’s paper weights

Lance’s display of ticket stubs

Duff’s stamps, coins and sports memorabilia ( including an autographed Yaz shirt)

George Thiberge’s Lupo’s bartending vest covered with political campaign buttons

Len’s 45’s

Evelyn’s dolls

DC and JA and their hats

Charlie and his magnificent oyster plates


Some come without great expense, and some cost a lot in money or time and effort. Regardless, they are priceless and bring many hours of happiness and pride and may even offer a glimpse into one’s persona.


My personal museum is on display in “ the cave”. Roaming beaches for hours searching  for tiny fragments glittering in the sand. When I discover one, I reach down and pick it up marveling at it’s uniqueness, and wonder about the circumstances that brought this frosted piece of glass to this shore. Had it been washing up on the shore for twenty years or maybe fifty tears. From a fine bottle of wine carelessly discarded during a sunset sail, of a beer bottle accidentally dropped overboard during a fishing excursion. When I have finished cleaning all the sand off it, I place it in my pocket. When home, I spread my day’s haul out and admire the contrasting colors and shapes.


My personal museum provides endless opportunities to dream a story. I enjoy this and hope that those strolling through will also.


Please allow me to add some comments.  Mark has many friends and a great family.  I once asked him how he keeps so many friends…he answered “I really have to work at it”.  Any of his friends reading this will agree and I can only hope they prompt him to write more … as for me …it would be the tuxedo and Bunny bread, opening day at Schaffer Stadium (before Gillette), “ya better pull  your friend out of the water, he’s drowning”, Tasmania or bust,” I sleep with the boss”, salads and wine…it goes on and on and I truly recognize and admire him for “livin life large”.

Once again, Mark, thanks for being you….and for inviting ALL your friends to “stroll” through your museum. I am out of country now, so friends of Mark (FOM) please keep me posted when you all will be making the stroll…Irish Whiskey for me and for all the others… Mark…you know by now…see ya at the cave…straight up for me and please no more than seven, OK, maybe eight and a few cool ones to wash them down.  I’m trying to cut back a bit.


Happy New Year to you all…with best wishes and good health.  

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