Sausages and eggs

mad hatter

 Could be trouble ahead…the EU has gotten involved in the added ingredients in tea.   Is there another Boston tea party brewing?



Ya gotta remember I’m as mad as the “Hatter” and I’m in Ireland.

Brexit is big news over here…but I’m not going heavy into politics on you, I’ll  keep it simple.

Before the election last year, I read an article about a British butcher who had enough of the European Union officials in Brussels telling him how to stuff his sausages. I might add, I bet there were a lot of other British men  thinking  about someone else in the EU telling them where and when to stuff their sausages.  Well just as I predicted, Brexit passed

My brother in law owns land that he leases out to local farmers.  He is required by the government to plant or instruct whoever leases the land what should be planted on a year to year basis.  He is audited by officials of the Irish government/EU quite often.  He has one coming up next week and it requires him to submit information on the last time a fox took a shit on his land.  Maybe it was a deer not too sure on this.

…anyhow he is one to frequent pubs where no one can find him and he tells me about one of his visits to a pub that the owner has a small grocery shop attached to it.

You could find funeral homes, turf accountants and all kinds of non related pub stuff attached to pubs over here. Like one of my favorites, soon to be visited during the Cheltenham races…Redmond’s pub and bookie shop.  Ya might say a dangerous combination.



To continue, He told Tom about a government/EU audit he recently had.  He showed up unannounced and the pub owner asked what this might  be about and the f**ker said “eggs”.  He takes him into the shop and shows him the six eggs that he had in stock.  For the next 2/1/2 hours he documents when, where and how many times Helen (his hen) was f**ked and what she is fed and how many shits she takes a day.

OK the parts about the fox, deer and Helen I made up but 2 1/2 hours documenting the history of six fucking eggs!



Brow Cottage is at the bottom of one of Tom’s fields and as the years go by, winning the lot in a game of poker gains credibility.  Soon the land will be fertilized and the smell will be overwhelming,  just like the government getting involved into your business or even worse your personal life.

The British butcher had enough, the unemployed coal miners in West Virginia had enough and all the Mad Hatters of the world have had enough.

…and still people wonder how Brexit and Trump happened.

God save the Queen and God Bless America…and if I may introduce you to Mae Carney O’Sullivan … my one and only grandchild.


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