Granola bars and BMWs


I drive a used BMW or should I say pre-owned.  This is my third one and it is a standard shift.  My last one was having transmission problems and I brought it in to where I bought it.  They sell and fix BMW, Mercedes, and Volvos.  They also do Saabs but they are dying out.  I also had three of those.

The week after I bought the standard shift, I threw my shoulder out and had to have rotator cuff surgery.  So I haven’t driven it much.

Returning from Ireland and going through all my mail I came across a recall notice from BMW.  I was impressed that BMW even acknowledged my car.  I called my mechanic and he said I would have to take it to an authorized BMW dealer.  I did and arrived at the appointed time.

SHOWROON2bmw showroon

Like I said I buy used cars and I was not expecting to be greeted by people dressed like they were about to attend a formal affair at the Ritz. I checked in with service and was escorted to an area that had all kinds of boutique coffees, cold cereals, drinks I never heard of and fruit that I didn’t recognize.  Next to this area was the BMW bicycles, I looked at one and it was priced at $1250.00, the full line of BMW clothing, watches, luggage, toy cars, bigger toy cars, kayaks, and highly priced call girls in the men’s room.

The people waiting in “this” area, well I think they were all from Hingham and they looked constipated.  I was dressed like I just shoveled shit in a cow barn and they kind of shied away from me.

I have to ask those of you that buy new cars … are the dealerships all like this now?

After about an hour, oh by the way, the recall was for the airbags, I asked would it be much longer and he replied they are now vacuuming and washing the car and it should be ready shortly.

Soon after, my man tells me it is set to go and gave me a full print out of problems and potential problems that I should address.  I paid nothing.  The car has never looked so good, unfortunately the potatoes that were starting to grow in the back seat were cleaned away.  They didn’t disturbed the stacks of clothes I keep in the back but the look they gave me was one that says “I think this guy is homeless and he lives in his car”.


Maybe they saw me put four granola bars, an apple and two bananas in my coat pocket as I was leaving.

…and you ask what my favorite car was…


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