“There must be some kind a way outta here,,,”


Further to my last blog…

“The Vietnam War” points us toward believing that we might learn from history, but presents graphic evidence that we will not.

The War in Vietnam had no happy ending, it was politically and militarily mismanaged.  It was the narrator Peter Coyote says “begun in good faith by decent people out of fateful misunderstanding American over confidence and cold war miscalculation.”

Fortunately I did not experience “War is hell” and therefore when an American soldier drags insurgent corpses into a village “to see who would cry over them” so there would be more people to question, I classify the action accordingly.

John Musgrave, a Vietnam Marine was interviewed through out the documentary.  His battle scares, though not visible, are in his voice as he recalls after returning home and putting a gun to his head and his dogs interrupted him “I would have killed myself”.

I am sure he was one of many.

The Documentary does not focus on the use of hard Drugs in Vietnam, then again, I didn’t watch it all.  Perhaps I missed it.

Before my office placed me in an apartment, I was a bunk mate with a Vietnam battle worn  Marine private.  I caught him shooting heroin. We talked and he told me stories that sent shivers up my spine.  I told him I worked in an office with some very powerful Marine Officers and I could ask them if they could get him some help.  He agreed.  Rather than rehab, they put him a brigade.  I visited him and he wanted no part of me, he called me a rat.


This show made me think of him and I wonder if he put a gun to his head after he got out.

I had the highest Marine Corps security clearance there was and one of my duties was to sort out classified communications coming into the Joint Planning Group.  The classified documents ranged from Top Secret to Confidential.  My job was to determine who saw what.  Keep in mind I was just a Corporal. 

Never made any sense to me.

In my last blog I told you I was headed to Parris Island and on April 4, 1968 was on the last leg of the journey.  On the bus ride to the Island, the driver gets on the loud speaker an yells they killed that fucking nigger and the bus erupted in cheers.  (history test who?) I was one of three yankees on the bus.

parris island

I said to myself … what the fuck am I in for…

“There must be some kinda way outa here”

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  1. Carol C Veiga says:

    Wow I never knew but the look in your eyes when you came home told me a lot.

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