November…a time to remember JFK and friends



They released most of the remaining files on John F. Kennedy’s assassination  and I don’t think we are going to learn much more than what we already know.

…but what I do know is that I was fortunate, in later years, to have two mentors in business that were close friends of the President. They, as was the President, were PT boat commanders in the Pacific during WWII, lived in the same town on Cape Cod, went to the same church, knew of each other but never met.

One was a competitor of mine in the cable television business and a close friend.  The other was the former Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts and one of the lawyers for our cable company.

Eddie met Kennedy while sitting in an outhouse in some jungle PT base in the Pacific.  Bob was Kennedy’s roommate in Newport, Rhode Island, while they were training to be PT boat commanders.

Eddie shared many stories about Kennedy and one was about running for Governor of Massachusetts.

After he announced that he was going to run, he went to see old man Kennedy at his Hyannis home.  He sat on the porch and they talked about politics and his bid for the corner office.  During their conversation he asked Joe who his favorite child was and he said Robert.  My friend asked why and he said “because he hates like me”.

Eddie told me the answer sent a chill up his back.

Onto the Democratic convention and it looked like Eddie was a shoe in to win.  Not so fast.  Robert Kennedy held a back room meeting with key players at the convention and said to those in attendance that there were too many Irish Catholic Democratic politicians in the state and it would be in the best interest for the party to nominate a non Irish Catholic Democrat…and they did.  (Keep in mind that Teddy was about to run for Senator)


President Kennedy was in Boston to make a major speech and prior to heading to the Boston Garden he asked one of his Boston operatives where Eddie was.  He was told of what happened at the convention.  After the speech, the President summons my friend and expressed his displeasure in learning what happened and invited Eddie to visit with him to discuss a position in his administration when he returned from Dallas.


We all know what happened next.


Years later during my association with my mentors/friends, Bob calls me to join him for lunch and by coincidence so did the Governor.  I told the later I was going with Bob and Eddie asked if he could join us.  Keep in mind they had never met each other.


The lunch was 3 ½ hours long and I probably said two words.  I was captivated by stories about JFK, in Newport, as a Senator, President, and friend.


I must say the stories were very colorful, daring, funny and were not of public knowledge.

If you are old enough and remember that day and time, November 22, 1963, 12:30pm, where were you and what were you doing?

RIP Bob, Eddie and JFK

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