Un*uckit, watches and Good Will

Am I alone on this?  After watching way too many commercials for this clothing company,  I got to thinking either this guy is loaded or some venture guys said fuck it let’s go with Untuckit.

OK  for those unfamiliar with Untuckit, it is a line of shirts that you don’t tuck in your pants.  Brilliant uh? or as the Irish say, fucking brilliant.

They have stores in New York, Boston, Las Vegas, Chicago and just about all the major cities in the US.

Maybe its just me cuz I’m not a clothes guy, hey I wear them once in awhile, clothes that is, but do they really think this company is in it for the long haul.  I haven’t seen anyone wearing one, have you?  But I’m pretty sure the venture guys that stuck their necks out are all wearing them.

I can picture a bunch of venture guys and ladies around a conference table reviewing companies that they might invest in.  Companies that have potential to make them money, would, no doubt, be at the top of the list.

Someone at the table stands up and says “This shirt company looks like a winner to me, lets set him up in a bunch of brick and mortar stores in all the  major cities in the US and buy a shit load of television ads…we can’t lose on this one.”

I wonder if the Las Vegas store is taking any bets on when the company will go down. 

Hey, I wish this guy well, I hope he makes it but I wouldn’t look for any missing hangers for Untuckits.

…and another thing does anyone else get these messages on FB about free watches?  Ya I got sucked in and I don’t even wear a watch anymore, all I did was pay for shipping ($13.00).  I got three so far … two fell apart and one is pretty nice…and guess what I just ordered another free watch.

I shop at Good Will a lot.  I buy pictures for their frames and yes I do buy clothes from them.  I got these three originals the other day and I checked out the barn painter and his paintings go for @$500.00.  Not a bad find.


…and umbrellas in the city is by me.

Ya, I know I’m trying.



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  1. Carol says:

    I think I will get Joe a few of these shirts. I’m sure he will love them….. ha ha ha. Love your barn watercolor find and your new work

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