Climb every mountain


Climb every mountain…If she is anything like her mother she will… and jump out of airplanes as well.

Christmas has come and gone and time should be fined for speeding…

 I do hope the asshole in the television commercial is enjoying his new Mercedes that was wrapped in a red ribbon parked in the driveway…take the Madison Ave person responsible for this ad outside and shoot ’em.

Christmas music…I won’t go there right now. 

My friend and cable company lawyer practiced in Plymouth and lived in the north end of  Boston.  He was coming home on a snowy/rainy day near Christmas and at least three of four times a week passed this homeless guy and always gave him something. On this horrible day he was carrying two heavy briefcases, plodding through the snow and rain and bends down to give the guy some money.  The guy looks up and says “Is it all worth it?”

OK, I lighten up a bit…


…cats, dogs and kids like me…at least I think they do.  Today I am babysitting my granddaughter, Mae and meeting Jake, the dog, for the first time.  Jake is supposed to come home to Clonegal, but I don’t think he is going to be happy leaving Mae.  Can you blame him?

Oh ya it’s just me, Mae and Jake the Snake.  We could play pool.  I know I can beat them and I won’t even have to cheat.  Not to sure about Jake, he might get pissed. 

Getting pissed on comes up later in this blog.

Jake is part Jack Russell and we used to have one called Belle.  She was not the friendliest of dogs and made her point clear with the same friend mentioned above.

He was always dressed in the best suits and shoes that Brooks Brothers had to offer.

He came over our house one day and Belle went to “greet” him.  She pissed on his shoes.  My friend looks up, with no hesitation and says “I have that affect on women”.

That come back line and “what if I had six salads” are fucking brilliant. 

…and you ask what the salads are about.  Another friend was dealing with some medical issues and asks his doctor if he could have a glass of wine with his meal and she says as long as you balance it out with a salad.

I hope all your New Year salads are balanced and your shoes stay dry.

…and that you reach the peaks of all the mountains that you climb.


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