A letter for tomorrow…


February 24, 2018


My Dear Mae,

Today is your first birthday and this letter is written for tomorrow.

I hope someday your mother and father will let you read it.  Most of contents are just comments on the simple things in life and it is the simple things that will make your days special.

There will be a period of time when these comments will be meaningless and boring to you.  Then things change.  Experiences, failures, successes and mistakes will begin to influence the road you take…and that road will have many bumps and forks along the way.

As one of my favorite movie characters said “Life moves pretty fast and if you don’t stop and look around once in a while it will pass you by”.

Read, read everything you can get your hands on. Ask a lot of questions and don’t stop until you are satisfied and comfortable with the answers.  Grandfathers are a great source.

Write, write more, for it is the written word that will become a painting of your imagination.

Dream, think and create. Formulate ideas, make decisions and mistakes are sure to follow.  Mistakes build character and teach you not to make the same again.

Trust in yourself, you belong to no one.  Absorb, digest and on most occasions, accept and follow the advice and direction given by your parents.  No one will be more loving, supportive and forgiving than them.

Lead…it is more rewarding than to follow. Seek out a mentor. Choose friends wisely for you will be lucky to make three close friends in your life.

Time and love are the most precious of commodities, time is limited and love is living. Treat the street sweepers like you treat the street makers. Be yourself, loyal, truthful and the best at what you do.  

Listen.  Listen to people, listen to nature and listen to silence.  John Cage’s composition 4′ 33″ might help to fully understand the importance of listening.

Remember where you came from and especially where you’re going.

…and while your living large make sure your priorities are in proper order…

…and most importantly…

…be happy, have fun and dance with the pigeons.

Happy Birthday Mae Carney O’Sullivan.

Love p d


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