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The other day I posted on FB that Yelp, a company that operates a platform that connects people with local businesses, had listed their top 100 places to eat in the United States.  The only restaurant in Massachusetts to make the list was JJ’s Café in Brockton and they only serve breakfast and lunch.

I believe it was my sister that left a comment “why don’t we all go” and it got me thinking, which is a thing in itself, why not…

My niece has coined a phase “time should get a speeding ticket” and I have stolen it and offer up the “time to” club and propose we have our first meeting at JJ’s.

Sometime back two friends of mine started a moon watch night and on a full moon they would meet at different places, have a beverage or two, play “Werewolves of London” and just enjoy the night.  I went a couple of times and came home with bite marks on my neck.  I have never been the same since.  Now when people are around me they don’t say “watch your back” it’s “watch your neck”.

It seems that every time I see a post from them on FB they are off watching the moon from some Caribbean Island or Himalayan mountain.  

They are true “time to’ers”

So how bout the rest of us, perhaps we can convience them to be our first guest speakers at the “time to” club.

This should be a perfect segway to…time to invite a guest to write an upcoming blog.  The last time I did this the blog was great and the response to it even better.

“Personal Museums” by Mark Southworth on — with Mark Southworth.

back to time getting a speeding ticket.  My last post “A letter for tomorrow” is a letter to my granddaughter offering advice and direction.  It is unfortunate that time will not allow me to witness her acceptance or rejection of same.

Time should get a speeding ticket.

So I ask you to prepare your “time to” list, make plans to attend the first “time to” club meeting and send me a written original,  500 words or less.  Believe me, people from over 34 countries  read this shit.

Last week I posted on FB that Jake cut the lawn. dam good job, well he better get the snow shovel out today cuz this country will be shut down for awhile.  Time to go to work apparently doesn’t apply after this “massive” snow storm.


I also mentioned he was abandoned at our door.  A few days ago he goes on an excursion with a couple of other stray dogs and a farmer miles away brought him back.  He has a phone number on his collar. 


…and finally… it is time to come home.

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