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Readers of this blog, outside of Ireland, may not follow Irish politics and therefore don’t give a shit about the Presidentbut they may be interested in my quest for employment.

President Michael D Higgins is seeking a second term of office, according to sources in Leinster House.

The Irish Times is reporting that the President will announce his intentions in July.  He had previously said that he would reveal in September whether he planned to run again, with a presidential election due to take place in November.

There has been a groundswell of opinion in Ireland for the unanimous re-election of current Irish President Michael D Higgins.

At 74, he shows no sign of slowing down. Indeed he keeps an even busier schedule than any recent president by all accounts.

Higgins is a renaissance man, a poet, author, politician and statesman, wonderfully fluent in the Irish language and easily able to hold his own on the world stage.

Of course I am a bit of a renaissance man myself.  Writer, violin player (hey I can play the violin solo in John Cage’s 4’33”), painter, driftwood artist and wonderful person. 

Incredibly he was born into abject poverty in Clare and at age five was sent away from his alcoholic father to live with relatives. From such a humble beginning he overcame tremendous adversity to become a member of the Dail and later a minister.

 I recently met him at a horse track VIP function (that story is for another time) and as a result, we have developed a friendship that may become a working relationship.

On the other hand, his insider “tips” on the ponies, I can’t talk about.  His guidance and recommendations  continue to produce some serious coin.

For sometime now I have been looking for opportunities to work part time in Ireland and in the US.  Since meeting President Higgins I have had a number of productve discussions with his staff about a position promoting and presenting Ireland  to New England businesses.

I would travel back and forth six times a year, business class yet, bringing the appropriate people with me with an objective of expanding US operations in Ireland.  Most importantly, I will be able to keep my quahoging position with the Carney Shell Fish company.

My next meeting with the President will be at my second  art exhibition at (ArtBank) in Bunclody.  I would hope that his staff and I can finalize the details of this working arrangement.

The meeting is scheduled for today at 4pm.  Wish me well and I do hope the little commie leprechaun fucker doesn’t read this blog.

I  also hope that you enjoy this first day in April and that you can find the time to listen to John Cage’s work, if you listen closely you can hear me, just click on the following link.

I’m a comin home … so let me know if you are interested in attending the 1st meeting of the “time to” club…


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