Looking for the “Bone Setter”or Herman the pig?

Six years ago I wrote about the “Bone Setter” and there is not a week that goes by without someone contacting me thinking I am the Bone Setter.  I can’t understand how anyone can read that blog (at the end) and think I am the “Setter”.  This posting is for those that google the “Bone Setter” and get me.

I am not the Bone Setter … the Bone Setter is Dan O’Neill from Myshel, Ireland  and I don’t know how to reach him.  I found him by going there and asking people in the village where he lives.  How Herman the pig found him, I have no idea.

True friends should be acknowledged more often … they know who they are and I value my relationship with them.  Just wanted to share that.

The Kentucky Derby is coming up on Cinco de Mayo and I will be holding court at a watering hole to be determined soon.

Just wondering if what I do at Irish race tracks would work over here.

The above reads…

To whom it may concern:

XXXStar Farm is one of the leading thoroughbred horse farms in the United States.  We have delivered winners to proud horse men and women for over 50 years.

I respectfully ask that you extend admittance privileges to my representatives.  They are in Ireland visiting race courses, thoroughbred farms, and training facilities.

Respectfully yours,

XXXXXXXX                                                                                                                                    Owner       


I have been doing this for 6 years.  Each year a different theme.  My attire is aways, cowboy hat/boots and a lot of balls.

What it gets me, all free mind you, and those that dare to come with me, is VIP parking, admittance, private dinning room/bar, pictures with the President of Ireland and a hello to Bono and the Edge.  At one track a 5 course meal, open bar and sitting at a table with some of the big money people in Ireland.

Do I win any money?  Sometimes, but who gives a fuck.

This posting probably blew it all going forward, or it just makes for a greater challenge.

Speaking of challenges, our Celtics with all their injuries have a “bit” of a hard road ahead.  I hope they are still in it when you read this.  As a dear friend of mine says they are entertaining.

Are we not fortunate to have two teams in the  playoffs and one playing in the regular season with the best start ever.  As I write this the Sox are 20-7 … fucking brilliant I might say.

Since I got back it has been snowing, raining and cold.  I came home to get away from all that shit.  I just have to play this again.  I can’t help it.  If you haven’t seen it click on the line directly below and then the video…believe me it is funny.

Irish weather reporting (adults)



Those that are interested in joining me at JJ’s Cafe to kick off the “time to” club, please let me know if a week day works for you or does a Saturday fit your schedule better.


How can anyone interpret this to be me.

: http://danielncarney.com/2012/01/the-bone-setter-…ther-forecasting

At the end of the above posting you will get a sample of some of the responses.

I heard from Herman the pig last week and he is doing fine and is scheduled to run in the Pork Belly Stakes next month.



  Please considered supporting the following:


























































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