Just thinking…again

OK…I’ll give you 5, no that’s 10 minutes, if you stay away from politics.   Thanks Nancy …I can’t get into trouble in 10 minutes…

…then again.

Do you ever check out “people you may know” on Facebook?  I don’t understand why Tom will have a picture of a dog and Sally has two people in the picture.  I don’t recognize the dog and which one is Sally?  Am I alone on this.

Summer should get multiple speeding tickets …for that matter so should “life”.

To date I have caught one fish this summer and by writing about my lack of fishing skills my luck will change.  Maybe I should stick with quahoging.

A friend of mine says I lack communication skills.

A while back I wrote about the “Untuck it” shirt company.  Their ads were on TV all the time.  I projected that they would soon go out of business.  Haven’t seen any ads lately…the venture capital guys and girls must have put an end to this one.  

OK … 91 wins before the end of August…107 for the season…World Series and Mookie MVP…maybe J.D.

I’m going to an acupuncturist…did OK with my back but the rest of me is falling apart.  I’m going to ask him to leave all the needles in next time.

Thinking about Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil and how well they worked together.  Sadly times have changed.

A quick Tip story.  My friend and I were going to a lobster cookout that would be graced by Ted Kennedy and 299 other Democrats including the Speaker.  Parking was limited so we had to walk up a steep driveway. Half way up a limousine came up behind us.  I knew the driver, he was the owner of the company, and I waved him to stop.  He did and rolled down the window, I said Maurice can you give us a ride up and he said I can’t the Speaker is in the back.  Just then the back window came down and Tip says jump in boys this ride is on me.

A real class act.

The Patriots 12-4…Super Bowl bound.

The other day a friend and I had a discussion about Amy Winehouse and how great she was…and oh ya the Rolling Stones are still the best rock and roll band on the planet.



John Henry is a fucking asshole.  The Yawkey foundation has given so much to the city…and you, John Henry, how much have you given?

Worth repeating.  My neighbors have a 5 year old girl and my other neighbors are doing some renovations to their home.  Little Suzie started to visit the workers while they worked on the house.  The men gave her odd jobs after a few days and she was just delighted and so were the men.  After the week was over they gave her $10 and she ran home to show her mother.  Her mother took her to a local bank and met with the assistant manager, her mother knew him, to open a savings account.  The manager praised Suzie for earning the money and for opening an account and asked her if she would be working the next week.  Suzie told him she would… “if Home Depot would deliver the fucking sheet rock in time”.

Hang in there Aretha…back stage tickets to see her at the Newport Jazz festival with my daughter…great show and night.

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