tommy john untucks victoria’s secret


Anybody else ready to shoot Mike from My Pillow?  Now he’s doing a mattress cover…maybe I’ll shoot myself before I buy one.  Oh ya, I got sucked in and bought a pillow for 3 thousand dollars and did not get a second one free.  I want my second pillow.

You ask…am I sleeping better?

Fuck no…all I can think about is Tommy John underwear.  Did these guys replace the untuckit shirt people?  Untuckit shirts must have advertised on every sports show on TV…don’t see them anymore…now  Tommy John underwear is everywhere. Well not on me yet.


I haven’t looked into who the founder of Tommy J underwear is yet.  I wonder if it is “the” Tommy John, if it is, he would be one of the few that could do what this ass hole does in  GMC’s truck commercial.  Come on Madison avenue this is so stupid.
Nov 20, 2018

A man surprises his wife with a special gift for the holidays. He leads her out into their driveway where two …


The Christmas TV car commercial season is here as is my annual praise and bitch session on commercials in general.  Do yourself a favor and at least watch the last two.

Of course with that comes lots of spots where one spouse surprises the other with a brand new BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, Range Rover or whatever costs more than $80,000, with a big red bow on top.  And guess what?  I HATE THOSE COMMERCIALS!  Come on…do you know anyone that would do this.

I think I’ll put a red ribbon around my car to cover up the dents… a Christmas gift to me…and maybe some thing else…

Mercedes made up for their red ribbon spot with this

Then again..was an apology necessary for this ad…I don’t think so but they, Mercedes, did.

Have ta show this Guinness commercial

…and this one brings a tear to your eyes…

…not Christmas but Guinness again

Can’t imagine the above being shown in the states…not PC I guess.

If you liked Monty Python you’ll like this Guinness spot…

Round up your mates for a GUINNESS on St Patrick’s Day – YouTube 

Feb 29, 2012 – Uploaded by GuinnessGB

To help friends get together, GUINNESS® has trained a highly specialisedsheepd


I love the Bud Light series of commercials


My favorite candy bar is Snickers and this commercial is brilliant.

Snickers again

Always got a big kick out of the e-trade commercials…come on you liked them too…

ETRADE Top 5 Baby Commercials

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