the answer is b.




Not a good time to tempt the law or regulations.  That bank job is going to have to wait.

Apparently I should have gotten an Irish driver’s license some time ago… and… I’m only allowed to stay in country for three months…clearly stated on my passport.  If you’re a regular reader of this blog you might remember when the authorities were going to put me on the next plane back to Boston just after I landed in Dublin.

…a bit of a problem

Gee I have always done things by the book … except that time when … and perhaps when I … oh let’s not get into those minor details.

Today I took  a “theory” test for rules of the road.  Questions like … all multiple choice answers… What do you do if you kill a sheep in the road?   a. hide the carcass in the bushes  b. put it in the truck and sell it to your butcher c. tell the sheep farmer the sheep attacked you  d. report it to the local priest.  Had to guess on that one.  And then… the gauge for petrol is on E and the car stops running what might be the problem? a. the seat belts are not fastened b. the left front tire is flat c. the hitchhiker you picked up is drinking out of a hose attached to the side of your car d. Donald Trump… this one was hard.  What is the penalty for accidentally smelling a pint of Guinness and driving after? (believe me it is that bad over here re: drinking and driving)  a.  an all expense paid trip to Fall River Massachusetts b.  4-6 years at Mount Joy Prison  c. an overnight with the local priest  d. watching a 3 day cricket match

As you can see it was not an easy test…I had to have numerous smells of Guinness before I was back to normal.  Oh ya I passed.

Should be all set to go … not so fast …now I have to take 12 fucking driving lessons at 450 euros and then pass the actual driving test.

As for staying in country for longer than 3 months, I would have to become an Irish citizen or continue to violate the law.  Right now … in violation.  My new friends from Chicago that live in the village have done both… got their Irish driver’s license and became dual citizens.

Back to the test.  A few questions about eco-driving.  What the fuck is eco-driving  you ask.  Well one of the questions was … What would not contribute to eco-driving? a. driving a well maintained vehicle b. driving safely c. taking public transportation d. impeaching Donald Trump

I recently asked a relative by marriage what was the main reason they hated Trump so much.  His answer …climate control. 

As always I refer to the late great George Carlin, one of the most liberal comics of all time, re: endangered species and climate control.

George Carlin – Saving the Planet

I’ll keep you posted on my progress … Mount Joy Prison looks like a comfortable place to visit for a while.

By the by Mount Joy Prison might sound familiar to regular readers.  I have written about a certain IRA escape from there in A day to confess

Posted on June 4, 2018 by Daniel Carney

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and don’t smell too much and the red L has to go on your car…back and front. 

A is for adulteress L is for learning to be one.

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