Irish luck

Winning the euro lottery …BIG!!! Thank you very much…

…but before I get to that I must tell you of my interrogation at the Irish immigration office…

…so Mr. Carney your passport indicates that you stay in country longer than you are allowed.  How long have you been doing this and hasn’t anyone ever questioned you about this?

…well I believe it would be about 8 years and no one has ever questioned me about it (I did not tell them of the time when upon arriving in country they were going to send me back on the next plane)

…do you have a job here? Yes I do…and what would that be?  Getting up in the morning…wise arse…no sense of humor…

…reminded me of my Marine Corps potato chip story.  I was assigned to the Joint Planning Group Headquarters Marine Corps.  Before I started I had to meet with a Navy Psychiatrist.  He asked a lot of questions and then asked me if there was anything strange about me.  I thought for a while then said.  My head sweats when I eat potato chips.  He called for a Navy corpsman to go out and get a bag of chips.  He gave then to me, I opened the bag and started eating…sure enough I started to sweat…he then asked if he could have one and I said no you bought them for me …wise arse he said

…oh ya back to the lottery…it will soon be public knowledge so I might as well tell you all that I hit the euro lottery big.  I placed my bet yesterday morning and by 11pm was notified that I won.

…a date to remember for sure…

April 1, 2019, 1 April 2019 or




April fools day…hope you had a great one

The potato chip and immigration stories are true.

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