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Mix – Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah (Official Video)


Our Irish car is a diesel and returning to Clonegal from Dublin we stopped for petrol (gas for us yanks).  Got out of the car and pumped 72 euros (@$90.00) of petrol (regular gas) into the car.  The cap is clearly marked diesel and somehow I only noticed this when I screwed the cap back on.  In horror, I  knocked on the car window and asked Mary “Car just takes diesel right?” 

We attempted  to talk to two guys in a tow truck next to the pumps and couldn’t understand a word they said…save “don’t dive the car buddy”…Went inside the station and told the manager what had happened and she said that I must have the tank pumped out and don’t drive the car.

In the mean time the two guys pushed the car away from the pumps.  She finds a number to call and she says he’ll be there in about an hour and that I would still have to pay for the gas.

At this point we had already been on the road for about an hour and a half and were a “bit” tired from whatever trouble we caused in the city the night before. 

He arrives and tells us it will cost about 225 euros plus the new gas we would have to put in and it would take about an hour to do.

We were not looking forward to the remaining drive on roads as big or I should say little as your drive way … adding  dangerous curves and Irish drivers that seem to enjoy driving 90 mph on this section of the road.

While the car was being pumped I spent sometime talking to the manager and she told me she had just returned from a wedding in New York.

At the wedding her husband got violently ill and was rushed to the hospital and is now in a Dublin hospital awaiting a bone marrow transplant and is going through chemo and she is not sure if he is going to make it.

At this point the 90 dollars in gas, the 270 dollars in pumping, the new gas put back and the wasted 5 hours in time was just so dismissive and minor that we looked forward to the remaining drive ahead.

I lead with Jeff Buckley’s version of 


for this reason…I wish this woman’s husband and family well.


Jeff had so much going for him when he drowned in May 0f 1997.

and may a sunrise in your life open your eyes and soul for others that are going through a difficult time.


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