It’s all about what you like and don’t like…

My sister. Carol Veiga, the artist, is helping me put a “best” of, or maybe some would consider “worst” of, book of these musings. 

I’ve been doing this for nine years and some I like and others were written to keep my streak going.  Maybe I shouldn’t have said that…they’re all great.

To date, the most popular continue to be “The long cock competition” and the “Bone Setter”.  People still contact me  thinking I am the Bone Setter looking to get an appointment and as for the long cock, well …

If you are a regular reader and you remember one that you like, please let me know. 

Some of my favorites are…

Written on or about April 1, Jimmy and Johnny, The wrong violin, A day to confess, Listening, Dancing with pigeons and I’ll stop at that.

…oh ya, I’m going to include some of my other stuff like…

my watch must be broken i seem to lose time, a lot of time and i think it is getting worse every day… i’ve done everything to conserve it but nothing works i guess my watch is broken after all it’s getting old

rabbits in the road, my car seems like it’s chasing them or are they teasing me i’ll go ask alice

…and look at what those rabbits brought me

The foo foo do blonde one is Mae. the little one is Dan, and the big guys are Colleen and Ciaran.  They live in Dublin, Ireland, are visiting and stayed at the beach for a while.

Someone at the beach asked Mae about baby Dan and she said, I might add, very quickly…do you want him?

Give the blonde one a few more years and her stories will blow “Colleen” stories away….aahhh that’s for some other time and they would be called the best of…

What did we do to this woman for her to take the road less traveled?  …and continues on quite nicely.

Whatever it was is still working.  Thank you!









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