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Today is my first driving lesson in Ireland.  If you read my blog you might recall why I have to go through this shit.  OK I’ll tell you again. My insurance company over here will not cover me because I do not have an Irish driver’s license…and while going through this process they find out that I stay in country illegally for  extended periods of time.

My interrogation at the immigration office went something like this.  “How long have you been staying for three months or more in Ireland?”   I say oh about eight years. “No one every questioned you about this?” No I say. I didn’t want to tell them about some arse hole wanting to send me back to Boston on the next plane after I had just landed in Dublin a few years ago.

Oh ya the driving lesson…

The driving instructor is located about 40 minutes away and to get there you must travel on one of the worst roads in Ireland and I might add there are a few of those roads about. 

I must say they just completed a highway extension to Wexford and it looks great.  The reason for building it was to have smooth sailing to Rosslare where the ferries leave for England and France.  Well guess what, they just shut down the ferry service. 

And speaking of “I’m here from the government to help” this crack down on drinking is gone way too far…the garda are setting up roadblocks in the morning to check alcohol levels in your blood.  Then again where else would alcohol levels be? 

I’m running off to my lesson now and I’ll continue this shit in a few hours.

Not so fast.  No lesson.

Didn’t have the fucking proper documents.  I will attempt to get them tomorrow but you have to understand what “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” really means over here.  You’re just fucked!

Now for something more pleasant…it has been raining solid for two fucking days.  The Derry River in front of our house is flooded and Clonegal is about to be washed away.

Then again I do enjoy a water view.

Any one want to put a few “bob” on some thing gets fucked up.  Oh no …this is the day the country shuts down for a month to celebrate Christmas.  OK it’s not a month but if it snows it would be out of action for at least three weeks.

On to the NDLS first thing in the morning to get my provisional driver’s license and all documents were in order …save my medical report.  It was dated last year when I started this shit.  On to the doctor’s office to get it updated.  Was told I would have to get another exam.  Please, I said, could you run it by the doc and see if he would sign off on it.  He did.  

My appointment is this Monday…any bets?

Seems like every thing is in order and my experience with the agent was actually pleasant.  I will to put these documents in the mail today and hope that during this time of the year they get to the proper place before the summer. 

Now I can begin my lessons.  

Happy Christmas.


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