drive on…aaahhh not so fast my man


The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, the Irish Drivers Licensing Service and 4safedrivers,…aaaahhh…one takes your money and delivers zip, maybe I should say two take your money and one your metal health …more correctly one seems to be a scam and the other two are bureaucracies that should be replaced by private companies…nah…then they all would be scams…come to think of it they all are scams.

As I mentioned, I am trying to get my Irish driver’s license and I must take driver’s lessons before I take my driver’s exam.  In order to reduce the number to 6, I have applied for an exemption to the 12 lesson requirement by submitting documents from the Mass RMV.  Sounds pretty easy, huh?



What if someone from the above agencies and company read my blog and get a bit pissed off…you might ask.  Living on the edge of insanity. I plan on sending it on to them.

While applying for my learner’s permit I visited an Irish branch office and the agent reviewed the documents that I was to submit to reduce the number of lessons.  Everything was in order.

Two weeks later I got a notification in the mail that all were rejected.

I make my first of many calls to the Irish NDLS.  Typical hold times of 30 minutes or more several times on the same call.

“Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line until your call is no longer important to you.”

It seems that my marriage license and my letter from the Saudi Embassy were received and…I go what are you talking about.  On hold another 30 minutes. Well…well my file has been attached to some towel head from Saudi. Oh we’ll straighten this out they say.  Another week and my next call … we have not received your documents from the Mass RMV. OK, I’ll send another one. Another week and rejected again.  Next call was …why? On hold 40 minutes … the document is not current. I call the Mass RMV and get …your wait time is approximately 40 minutes…I say what else do I have to do and after 30 minutes…your wait time is now 10 minutes…after 20 minutes get…your new wait time is 40 minutes…  Contact one of two people in this story that get things done. Thank you. A new Mass RMV document is sent on via email, included in it is some information about me refusing to take some test and  subsequently landing me in  accomodations next to a serial killer for the night. (that’s another story)

I forward the new document on. Call a few days later.  We do not take email copies. Ask to speak to a supervisor…wait for 30 minutes. OK we will make an exception…send it on again. Receive a rejection email 4 days later saying we do not accept email copies. Call…on hole 35 minutes … oh your correct Mr. Carney we should have noted that on our computers, this should be straightened out in a few days.

…and counting…

4safedriving, the other person that produces, and my progress up next…oh maybe in a couple of days.

…rejected again…we do not accept email attachments…

to be continued…

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