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If your interested and have read my last post…I was approved for my lesson reduction.  I still have to take lessons and then ‘the’ test before I can get my Irish drivers license.

I probably should not have done this but I sent the following today.

Attn:  Brian Mahony 

         Operations Director NDLS


Thank you for your long overdue letter dated 13/02/2020.

Putting the Peter principle aside and that you do not take phone calls, I would like to commend the NDLS for giving you Mr. Brian Mahony, Operations Director, the opportunity to showcase your communication/decision making skills.  Your firm grip on the details of my case and interaction with your agents, who you claim mis-informed me (strange that they did after consulting with their supervisor) can only add to the reputation of NDLS. I will do my part to make my circle of family, friends and political/business aquanticies aware of how I was dealt with….oh least I forget your boss.

In my life in the states I was the President of a TV station and through my contacts with RTE radio an on air interview is certainly possible.  Perhaps you would like to pass on more information about your management skills and background.

Should you make an exception and are able to find my phone number in the many computer updates from my numerous calls please call me …but then again your busy schedule might not allow that.

How sad that would be.

All this started over seven weeks ago because my file was attached to someone from Saudia Arabia.  Ahh but you already knew that … right.


Daniel Neal Carney

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