Hey Google

The other day I asked Google where my keys were and the little bastard said: “How many times do I have to tell you, I don’t do keys”.  Well, then what’s the weather going to be in Clonegal today?  “Rain, no surprise there you stupid fuck.”  OK, then what if I left you out in the rain you little shit.  “You would not only not find your keys but I’ll lock you out of the house you fat fuck.”

The relationship started out on good notes.  I was playing an old Louie Armstong 78 on my gramophone in the pool room.  All the imperfections of the record and the gramophone made it sound “perfect”.  I went into the house and asked Google to play the same song by Louie and it sounded just too cosmetic for me, so I asked for MVY.  It all went downhill from there.

I still have a difficult time understanding how you can put a piece of paper in a machine and dial a number and the exact copy comes out of another machine thousands of miles away. 

A long time ago when I was selling temperature controls I was traveling with my sales representative in farm country in Illinois.  He brought me to see his grandfather that lived on one of the farms.  We had a great chat and it turned to changes in technology.   He went on telling how they used to communicate with the next farm that was miles away.  He would not feed his dog for two days and the dog was trained to go to the farmer miles away to get feed and return the same way.  Carrying messages each way.  He then went on to witness, on TV, man walking on the moon.  Never forget my brief moments with this man.

I really enjoyed traveling and meeting the people of the mid-west.  Much different than the west and east coasts. 

OK Google play “your” favorite song, I say nicely.  Back with  

The Doors – The End – Live At Hollywood Bowl 1968 – YouTube

www.youtube.com › watch

This is the, end. Artist: The Doors Album: The Doors Song: The End Release Date: January 4th, 1967 Track …

The next morning Google’s gone and so is my last bottle of Jamesons.

This is the end…

Update on the “right” violin.  I’m having it restored and …oh I assume you have read the “Right Violin…it could be a game-changer. 

I miss the greatest country on the planet and I wish you all well on both sides of the pond.

…and as I write this they are pumping out our septic tank…it’s full of shit.



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