deja vu … all over again

A couple of blogs ago I wrote about Ruth and Dan and the “right” violin.  Remember, Ruth gave it to me.  Well, after Dan found out about the violin he was taken to the hospital.  He is out now and hopefully will soon continue his research on Irish whiskeys. 

While Dan was in the hospital, Ruth came over for a social distance cocktail and, here it comes, brought a stamp she found in the old house.  One stamp…a George Washington 2 cent stamp…she thought I could incorporate it into some of my “art” work.

Ruth has made a home for some of my stuff while most people wouldn’t give me 2 cents.  Thank you again, Ruth for pushing my stuff.


After she left … what else do I have to do … logged into eBay to see if any stamps like this one were listed.  Quite a few, many slightly different ranging in prices of over $2,000.00 to $1.00.  Once again, one jumps out at me and looks exactly like the one Ruth gave me.


Thank you Ruth above … eBay below.

 Ruth Keep em comin.

Now I have to say posting this will probably blow my chances of getting the old gramophone that she said I could have … whenever she can get it down from the attic. 

The view from their back yard.

I mentioned in the past that her house was once owned by the Huntington Castle family and ya gotta think there is more interesting stuff hidden away.  That is beside the surveillance equipment that a suspected British intelligence agent who once lived there had upstairs in the attic…and that story my friends is for another time.

I put the lead picture in cuz I miss the beach and the mystery of the wandering Wareham conch.  

Memorial Day has come and gone, please remember the true meaning of this day and honor those that made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live in the greatest country on earth.  At least part-time.

I consider this picture one of the saddest I have ever seen.  Who is he mourning?  I suspect his father. 

I can’t end this on a sad note.  Went over to see Dan, it was about 10:30 in the morning and they invited me in for a chat.  We sat on the porch overlooking the river.  Dan told me he just bought a new Irish whiskey and asked if I would like to try it.  “Only if you join me,” I said.  He did and his research continues…and I might add that I truly recognize how difficult Dan’s research is, therefore, I have offered to help whenever my “busy” schedule permits.

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