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It is unfortunate that some people will be offended by what follows…believe me I am offended by what certain groups are doing to my country.

Call me white privileged…one who started a company in my upstairs bedroom writing proposal after proposal to town officials and spending 3/4 nights out a week for two years trying to convince them to choose my company … and then going to work at 7 AM.  Ya I’m white privileged.

And so it goes…

A series of anti-poverty billboards sponsored by a black conservative group urges young people to finish school, get a job, get married and save money, but apparently, that advice was too inflammatory for Milwaukee.

The “Tired of Poverty” billboards, part of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education’s “Success Sequence” campaign, were removed this week by Clear Channel Outdoor after complaints about the message, which one local woman described as an “attack.”

The four billboards featured photos of young Black people with the message, “Tired of Poverty? Finish school. Take Any Job. Get Married. Save & Invest. Give Back to Your Neighborhood.”  

Those that have stopped reading sorry…but tell me what is wrong with this message and why isn’t Lebron James talking about this.

A friend of mine, I don’t have many, owns a business that serves the public.  He has several locations throughout Southeast Massachusetts.  At his flagship location, he has employed members from a Lebanese family.  They came to the states with nothing.  One son worked 40-50 hours a week and then attended night school and eventually got his law degree.  A daughter has been with him for 9 years, she works 65 hours a week while getting her master’s degree.  They work hard and recognize that getting an education is a key to succeed in America…and I might add they all live together in a house they bought with cash.

Oh ya, this white privileged friend works 6/7 days a week sometimes… when not working on a Sunday…always on call.

Mary has worked with many nurses of color from the Caribbean.  They too came here with nothing and recognized that getting an education and hard work would advance their career. 

Don’t you think those kids that are killing each other in Chicago would listen to James or some other successful black person?  No politician in the world could do that or for that matter should even try.

Ya gotta have a horse in the race.  No one should get anything without some sweat and tears.

We all know what’s coming up and I hope that those of you here in the States vote… for there are thousands of men and women that have given their lives so that we can.

God bless America the greatest country on this earth.

Credits to the Washington Times

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