Sunrises are for you alone

I’m revisiting some thoughts and pictures since I came back in July…I hope you enjoyed them.



i’m lost in time  that moves quickly
yesterday … many yesterdays ago
i was stuck in time and it moved slowly
oh the value of time
where does the minutes go
where does the hours go
the morning arrives early
too early … quickly turning
to lost forever
after midnight my mind confuses
dark with darker
oh the value of time
i think I’ll take the bus to
maybe my watch will capture
some time or even better
capture me


one white rose speaks softly
three makes a statement
how do you interpret
the language of beauty?

leaves falling

multi colored leaves
fall twisting in the breeze
most in bunches
save one
one that flutters alone
and refuses to make contact
with the others and the ground
it just floats with the wind
and disappears into
until that too
follows suit

a reluctant goodbye

come visit

when the weathers nice

stay for a while before

the cold winds blow

swim till november

it challenges

tempting most tempting

as the new day

begins to present itself

as i drive away



we’re all trying to figure it out

we’re all trying to get it straight

our different opinions and positions

are becoming extremely difficult

to share

where do we go?

what do we do?

abandon friends and family

i think not

aaaahhhh i’ve got it…

i think i’ll have another red breast

it is the september of my life

and i tend to think too much

not so much of the past

but more of what’s ahead

for tomorrow delivers

many questions and few answers

somehow a september sunrise

generates memories that reflect

on yesterday but now

the energy of this new day

awakens a spirit that demands

your full attention

to the challenges

of life.

a sunrise walk

what better

place and time

for sunsets are for


and sunrises are for you



a mid-august sunrise
delivers a new day
a day you hope captures
the spirit and beauty of its
i await the results of this morning’s promise
with an expectation at day’s end
that the sunset will
challenge its beginning

her wings
propel her
she is free
as free as the wind
that guides her
and the water below
that feeds her
she is a spirit
that follows
no one
while she leads
but for now
she is alone
with herself
and free to
test the wind
and water
that dictates
her freedom


the moon is keeping
a watchful eye on
buzzards bay
while our attention
is drawn to the fireworks
around us
and the pit fire before us
sparks fly
as a gentle wind
warms our souls
and reminds me why
i love this place so dearly

hope your 4th was a celebration for the greatest country on the planet

photograph by L.E.Carrigg





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