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Easter Sunday and the cannabis farmer

After four months in Ireland, my old BMW started right up upon returning to Milton.  Unfortunately every light on the dash board was lit up but it didn’t stop me from driving it. Continue reading

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Rocky, Rake and Gideon’s Bible

The second night back at around 2am I heard noises from the attic and initially thought it was mice.  The noise got much louder and I though Continue reading

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Irish luck

Winning the euro lottery …BIG!!! Thank you very much… …but before I get to that I must tell you of my interrogation at the Irish immigration office… …so Mr. Carney your passport indicates that you stay in country longer than … Continue reading

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the answer is b.

Not a good time to temp the law or regulations.  That bank job is going to have to wait. Continue reading

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painting yellow submarines

I like to fish, surf casting, in the summer.  When doing so all the mindless things floating around my little brain disappear and I am at peace with  myself. Continue reading

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Does anyone listen anymore?
John Cage did and his 4’33” commands you to listen.  Most people will dismiss this creative presentation as a joke. Continue reading

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tommy john untucks victoria’s secret

Anybody else ready to shoot Mike from My Pillow? Now he’s doing a mattress cover…maybe I’ll shoot myself before I buy one. Oh ya, I got sucked in and bought a Continue reading

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Lookin for some help…

Have we all “lost it?”
Discuss politics…I don’t think so. We can’t discuss we immediately steer the conversation and/or the social media comment to a specific conclusion and then it’s my way or the highway. Continue reading

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Elephants…smelephants…they all look alike

August 12 was world elephant day and I celebrated by watching a couple of shows on the National Geographic channel. One episode was devoted to their communication skills and another to their memory. Continue reading

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A September visit by the little girl with the pink glasses.

Try to remember the kind of September
When life was slow and oh, so mellow.
Try to remember the kind of September Continue reading

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