A letter for tomorrow…


February 24, 2018


My Dear Mae,

Today is your first birthday and this letter is written for tomorrow.

I hope someday your mother and father will let you read it.  Most of contents are just comments on the simple things in life and it is the simple things that will make your days special.

There will be a period of time when these comments will be meaningless and boring to you.  Then things change.  Experiences, failures, successes and mistakes will begin to influence the road you take…and that road will have many bumps and forks along the way.

As one of my favorite movie characters said “Life moves pretty fast and if you don’t stop and look around once in a while it will pass you by”.

Read, read everything you can get your hands on. Ask a lot of questions and don’t stop until you are satisfied and comfortable with the answers.  Grandfathers are a great source.

Write, write more, for it is the written word that will become a painting of your imagination.

Dream, think and create. Formulate ideas, make decisions and mistakes are sure to follow.  Mistakes build character and teach you not to make the same again.

Trust in yourself, you belong to no one.  Absorb, digest and on most occasions, accept and follow the advice and direction given by your parents.  No one will be more loving, supportive and forgiving than them.

Lead…it is more rewarding than to follow. Seek out a mentor. Choose friends wisely for you will be lucky to make three close friends in your life.

Time and love are the most precious of commodities, time is limited and love is living. Treat the street sweepers like you treat the street makers. Be yourself, loyal, truthful and the best at what you do.  

Listen.  Listen to people, listen to nature and listen to silence.  John Cage’s composition 4′ 33″ might help to fully understand the importance of listening.

Remember where you came from and especially where you’re going.

…and while your living large make sure your priorities are in proper order…

…and most importantly…

…be happy, have fun and dance with the pigeons.

Happy Birthday Mae Carney O’Sullivan.

Love p d


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2017 Favorite


In that this was my favorite post of the past year and it, “the weather” is always a subject of conversation and most importantly I am running out of time to keep my posting streak going.

Irish weather reporting (adults)

And you wonder why my vocabulary turns  to fucking shit when I return to the states.

The two words most used here are brilliant and fucking.  Used together and it describes the highest level of excellence…fucking brilliant (or when I want to clean it up a bit FB)

The video that follows is fucking hilarious.  The broadcast was recent.




A honest to goodness letter to an Irish Magazine follows.  I have included this letter into a few stories but after this video I had to include it again.

Here comes the summer

I am writing to complain about the weather. No wonder we Irish are all half fucking mad.  The fucking weather keeps on fucking changing all the fucking time.

As I write, it’s slightly fucking drizzly and very fucking overcast.  Only ten fucking minutes ago it was fucking sunny!  I suppose in another ten fucking minutes it’ll be  fucking torrential fucking monsoon type fucking rain.

Followed shortly thereafter by fucking Hurricane Biddy (or fucking something) and a fucking asteroid shower!!  For fuck’s sake, fuck this truly fucking Gawdawful bastardin shit!!




 I am a comin fucking home soon and the snow better be gone and this April shower shit on hold and fucking hurricane Biddy is years away.

…and you ask….how was your stay in Ireland?  It was fucking brilliant.  The weather broadcast …. I believe it was on the 1st of April.

Gotta cut back on the “F” word Mae Carney O’Sullivan will soon be dancing in the rain.

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Climb every mountain


Climb every mountain…If she is anything like her mother she will… and jump out of airplanes as well.

Christmas has come and gone and time should be fined for speeding…

 I do hope the asshole in the television commercial is enjoying his new Mercedes that was wrapped in a red ribbon parked in the driveway…take the Madison Ave person responsible for this ad outside and shoot ’em.

Christmas music…I won’t go there right now. 

My friend and cable company lawyer practiced in Plymouth and lived in the north end of  Boston.  He was coming home on a snowy/rainy day near Christmas and at least three of four times a week passed this homeless guy and always gave him something. On this horrible day he was carrying two heavy briefcases, plodding through the snow and rain and bends down to give the guy some money.  The guy looks up and says “Is it all worth it?”

OK, I lighten up a bit…


…cats, dogs and kids like me…at least I think they do.  Today I am babysitting my granddaughter, Mae and meeting Jake, the dog, for the first time.  Jake is supposed to come home to Clonegal, but I don’t think he is going to be happy leaving Mae.  Can you blame him?

Oh ya it’s just me, Mae and Jake the Snake.  We could play pool.  I know I can beat them and I won’t even have to cheat.  Not to sure about Jake, he might get pissed. 

Getting pissed on comes up later in this blog.

Jake is part Jack Russell and we used to have one called Belle.  She was not the friendliest of dogs and made her point clear with the same friend mentioned above.

He was always dressed in the best suits and shoes that Brooks Brothers had to offer.

He came over our house one day and Belle went to “greet” him.  She pissed on his shoes.  My friend looks up, with no hesitation and says “I have that affect on women”.

That come back line and “what if I had six salads” are fucking brilliant. 

…and you ask what the salads are about.  Another friend was dealing with some medical issues and asks his doctor if he could have a glass of wine with his meal and she says as long as you balance it out with a salad.

I hope all your New Year salads are balanced and your shoes stay dry.

…and that you reach the peaks of all the mountains that you climb.


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Un*uckit, watches and Good Will

Am I alone on this?  After watching way too many commercials for this clothing company,  I got to thinking either this guy is loaded or some venture guys said fuck it let’s go with Untuckit.

OK  for those unfamiliar with Untuckit, it is a line of shirts that you don’t tuck in your pants.  Brilliant uh? or as the Irish say, fucking brilliant.

They have stores in New York, Boston, Las Vegas, Chicago and just about all the major cities in the US.

Maybe its just me cuz I’m not a clothes guy, hey I wear them once in awhile, clothes that is, but do they really think this company is in it for the long haul.  I haven’t seen anyone wearing one, have you?  But I’m pretty sure the venture guys that stuck their necks out are all wearing them.

I can picture a bunch of venture guys and ladies around a conference table reviewing companies that they might invest in.  Companies that have potential to make them money, would, no doubt, be at the top of the list.

Someone at the table stands up and says “This shirt company looks like a winner to me, lets set him up in a bunch of brick and mortar stores in all the  major cities in the US and buy a shit load of television ads…we can’t lose on this one.”

I wonder if the Las Vegas store is taking any bets on when the company will go down. 

Hey, I wish this guy well, I hope he makes it but I wouldn’t look for any missing hangers for Untuckits.

…and another thing does anyone else get these messages on FB about free watches?  Ya I got sucked in and I don’t even wear a watch anymore, all I did was pay for shipping ($13.00).  I got three so far … two fell apart and one is pretty nice…and guess what I just ordered another free watch.

I shop at Good Will a lot.  I buy pictures for their frames and yes I do buy clothes from them.  I got these three originals the other day and I checked out the barn painter and his paintings go for @$500.00.  Not a bad find.


…and umbrellas in the city is by me.

Ya, I know I’m trying.



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November…a time to remember JFK and friends



They released most of the remaining files on John F. Kennedy’s assassination  and I don’t think we are going to learn much more than what we already know.

…but what I do know is that I was fortunate, in later years, to have two mentors in business that were close friends of the President. They, as was the President, were PT boat commanders in the Pacific during WWII, lived in the same town on Cape Cod, went to the same church, knew of each other but never met.

One was a competitor of mine in the cable television business and a close friend.  The other was the former Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts and one of the lawyers for our cable company.

Eddie met Kennedy while sitting in an outhouse in some jungle PT base in the Pacific.  Bob was Kennedy’s roommate in Newport, Rhode Island, while they were training to be PT boat commanders.

Eddie shared many stories about Kennedy and one was about running for Governor of Massachusetts.

After he announced that he was going to run, he went to see old man Kennedy at his Hyannis home.  He sat on the porch and they talked about politics and his bid for the corner office.  During their conversation he asked Joe who his favorite child was and he said Robert.  My friend asked why and he said “because he hates like me”.

Eddie told me the answer sent a chill up his back.

Onto the Democratic convention and it looked like Eddie was a shoe in to win.  Not so fast.  Robert Kennedy held a back room meeting with key players at the convention and said to those in attendance that there were too many Irish Catholic Democratic politicians in the state and it would be in the best interest for the party to nominate a non Irish Catholic Democrat…and they did.  (Keep in mind that Teddy was about to run for Senator)


President Kennedy was in Boston to make a major speech and prior to heading to the Boston Garden he asked one of his Boston operatives where Eddie was.  He was told of what happened at the convention.  After the speech, the President summons my friend and expressed his displeasure in learning what happened and invited Eddie to visit with him to discuss a position in his administration when he returned from Dallas.


We all know what happened next.


Years later during my association with my mentors/friends, Bob calls me to join him for lunch and by coincidence so did the Governor.  I told the later I was going with Bob and Eddie asked if he could join us.  Keep in mind they had never met each other.


The lunch was 3 ½ hours long and I probably said two words.  I was captivated by stories about JFK, in Newport, as a Senator, President, and friend.


I must say the stories were very colorful, daring, funny and were not of public knowledge.

If you are old enough and remember that day and time, November 22, 1963, 12:30pm, where were you and what were you doing?

RIP Bob, Eddie and JFK

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Hats, doors and gramophones


A door, hat and gramophone walk into a bar.  The hat orders a beer, the door a whiskey and the gramophone a vintage wine.  Another round follows and more after that.  When things start to get a little crazy, the door closes, the hat is thrown into the ring and the gramophone plays Benny Goodman’s “the dreamer in me”.

I collect hats, doors, wind up gramophones and dreams with imagination.

…and as I wrote on one of my doorsIMG_6823“Opening this door will set your imagination free…signing it creatively will give you the key to do so”

IMG_6819 (1)


The above door is leaning against the “sibin” a studio, bar, pool and dart room in Clonegal/Abbeydown.  As a matter of fact all the doors are located there.  Hats and gramophones in Milton and Ireland.

IMG_6817 (1)IMG_6818 (1)

Should be obvious to you all I’ve got nothing else to do…so

I think I’ll listen to Robert Johnson’s “crossroads now.

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“There must be some kind a way outta here,,,”


Further to my last blog…

“The Vietnam War” points us toward believing that we might learn from history, but presents graphic evidence that we will not.

The War in Vietnam had no happy ending, it was politically and militarily mismanaged.  It was the narrator Peter Coyote says “begun in good faith by decent people out of fateful misunderstanding American over confidence and cold war miscalculation.”

Fortunately I did not experience “War is hell” and therefore when an American soldier drags insurgent corpses into a village “to see who would cry over them” so there would be more people to question, I classify the action accordingly.

John Musgrave, a Vietnam Marine was interviewed through out the documentary.  His battle scares, though not visible, are in his voice as he recalls after returning home and putting a gun to his head and his dogs interrupted him “I would have killed myself”.

I am sure he was one of many.

The Documentary does not focus on the use of hard Drugs in Vietnam, then again, I didn’t watch it all.  Perhaps I missed it.

Before my office placed me in an apartment, I was a bunk mate with a Vietnam battle worn  Marine private.  I caught him shooting heroin. We talked and he told me stories that sent shivers up my spine.  I told him I worked in an office with some very powerful Marine Officers and I could ask them if they could get him some help.  He agreed.  Rather than rehab, they put him a brigade.  I visited him and he wanted no part of me, he called me a rat.


This show made me think of him and I wonder if he put a gun to his head after he got out.

I had the highest Marine Corps security clearance there was and one of my duties was to sort out classified communications coming into the Joint Planning Group.  The classified documents ranged from Top Secret to Confidential.  My job was to determine who saw what.  Keep in mind I was just a Corporal. 

Never made any sense to me.

In my last blog I told you I was headed to Parris Island and on April 4, 1968 was on the last leg of the journey.  On the bus ride to the Island, the driver gets on the loud speaker an yells they killed that fucking nigger and the bus erupted in cheers.  (history test who?) I was one of three yankees on the bus.

parris island

I said to myself … what the fuck am I in for…

“There must be some kinda way outa here”

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“…they knew… and I’m pissed”


I have been watching Ken Burns’ “The Vietnam War” and the more I watched the madder I got at the political establishment that lied its way into my generation’s devastating war.


THE VIETNAM WAR features testimony from nearly 80 witnesses, including many Americans who fought in the war and others who opposed it, as well as Vietnamese combatants and civilians from both the winning and losing sides.


In case you don’t know we lost.

The series brings the war back to mind and paints a disturbing picture of what I was, fortunately, spared from.

It is disturbing for a number of reasons one of which is President Kennedy telling a close confidant “I can’t pull our “advisors” because it would negatively impact my re-election”.  The TV screen shows 17 killed.


…and there would be no re-election bid.

He said that 5 years before I was drafted into the Marines in 1968.

I try not to be an “if only” person, but if he had admitted we, the United States, had made a mistake and ended our involvement in Vietnam that 17 would not have turned into 58,000+.

President Johnson said in 1965 “We are not going to win this thing”.  A Marine Captain said “They knew this was a lost cause years before I was called to fight there…I am pissed”.

Like I said, the show brings to mind my experiences involving the war, the draft and friends. 

At this point in my life I strongly felt that this war was justified and …

…I had resigned myself to the fact that I was going to be drafted into the Army. 

The night before I was called up I had a few beers.  The next day at my physical my blood pressure was sky high and was informed that I would be called back at a later time. 

April 2, 1968.

That later time arrived and I thought if a few beers did that to my blood pressure, what if I drank shots and beers all night and into the early morning do for me. 

I was still drunk at my physical and my blood pressure was normal.

Along with me that day was my best friend in high school and best friend in college. 

There must have been around 500 men in the hall.  Three were drafted into the Marines the rest into the Army.  Hours later I am on a train headed to the Marine Corps Training Depot at Parris Island. 

DI marine

My friends were off to Army basic training.  They went to Vietnam, I ended up at Headquarters Marine Corps, Joint Planning Group Arlington Va.

My high school friend’s name is on the Wall and my other friend took a long, long time to tell me what happened to him.

wallI will watch the next few episodes, maybe the whole thing. 

I was lucky, but  what I witnessed and worked with was a group of Marine Officers that included Generals, full/light Colonels, Majors and Captains, all brilliant military people that recognized, with this war came promotions…and that included me. 


Marines were coming back from Vietnam with ranks under me, Sergeant Carney.  While Colonels, with my help, continued to write classified papers, including estimating the number of Marines that were going to be killed that next week.

Don’t ask me how that was calculated.

My assignment at the Joint Planning Group/Navy Annex/Pentagon soon changed my position on the war and those in charge politically and militarily.  

I have a lot more to tell but for now this is enough.

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just thinking…again


I think I have watched the Super Bowl “come back” replay about 5 times and I would watch it again …

Let’s put an end to the talk about going 16-0…can’t we just be satisfied with another Super Bowl win?

…can the opening game on Thursday come soon enough?

The Red Sox are up 4.5 they just might win the division…and I think John Henry is a real ass hole…

red sox

Don’t ya just love Benintendi and Nunez…

I like the look of the new Celtics … but Wycliffe Grousbeck  is still an asshole….ask me why someday


Just picked up my 235 year old fiddle and played the only tune I know by heart…sounds good…the fiddle that is

Wrote this for an Irish wedding

a celebration of love

will embrace those near and far

this day is yours

make it come alive with

laughter, music and love

dance like nobody’s watching

this day belongs to you


share it

while holding on

tomorrow will soon be here

tom will take you there



for tomorrow belongs to him

for tomorrow belongs to him

your ride together has just begun

I love cartoons…especially editorial cartoons but the comics are great … my favorite is Dilbert and the character Wally that does nothing.  I am a bit concerned I think the pointy-haired boss fired him.


A friend and I recently had a discussion on the trending of the cartoons in the New Yorker and are concerned that they are going a little upscale…but we still like them.

I just had my first birthday…

Recently penned this, with a Lewis Carroll lead, and sent it to someone looking for direction in life

A path to somewhere

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”

“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.

“I don’t much care where–” said Alice.

“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat.

“–so long as I get SOMEWHERE,” Alice added as an explanation.

“Oh, you’re sure to do that,” said the Cat, “if you only walk long enough.”

If only I could walk long enough.  What is “long enough” I say and does anyone really know where you want to get to.

Is direction important in one’s life?

Or more specifically, having a direction. Where are you going? Until you can answer that question, you can’t say that any one route is better than another. Any road will get you to where you want to go.

Not having a direction, not having a goal, not knowing where you are going, it’s all the same. You go nowhere. You can never get “there,” can never arrive anywhere, because you don’t really have a destination. Without direction, without a destination, without a goal, how do you pick a direction, choose a road, or plot a course to get “there”?

I know it’s practically impossible to know everything before hand. But if you wait until you have all the information, life will pass you by in the mean time.   … and as Ferris Bueller said: Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Make a decision, make mistakes, make more decisions …then act on it.

I’m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up. But without anything more specific, how can I possibly move forward? What road will take me to a destination that I can’t specify?

As usual, most of life’s difficulties come down to preparation. Too little or too much, or just sitting there with “analysis paralysis” the result is the same. You don’t get what you want, you don’t go where you had hoped to end up.

The first step is to get an idea of what you want to do. Select one of the areas you are lacking in direction. Brainstorm some possible directions. Write them down. Then consider each one and narrow the field down to just a few of the best and most appropriate possibilities.

Once you have a couple of really good candidates, finish your research and select one of the paths. At this point, it probably doesn’t matter which one exactly you choose. You can always write it off as a “learning experience” and try again. Even if the steps are small, you should strive to make progress, learn from the experience and revise your direction.

Where are you going? Answering the question is important. If the answer to the question is anywhere, you’re probably already there.

Yes my first birthday as a grandfather…

mae1IMG_8124 (2)mae me

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..a picture is worth

…a thousand words

IMG_8127 IMG_8130 IMG_8138 IMG_8139IMG_8059 IMG_8063IMG_8017 IMG_8011IMG_7956IMG_7392IMG_3945IMG_5214 IMG_5217IMG_7223IMG_6342 IMG_6487 IMG_6516IMG_5813 (1) IMG_5812IMG_5598IMG_5623 (1)IMG_5140 (1)IMG_5008IMG_3945IMG_3200IMG_3072IMG_2131IMG_1765IMG_1381Hey what’s up doc…and if you like the pictures which one is your favorite?

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