When I was in school I booked in a creative writing  class, along with the required accounting course … I still have trouble adding 9 + 9 and I am a creative speller.

I remember writing about a day in my life as a dream and a dream as a day in my life.  It was a bit confusing but my professor thought it was twilight zone-ish and added you might consider becoming an accountant.

Is this all a dream and when I wake up March Madness is all about basketball.

I am not trying to make light of this crisis I am just trying to absorb the magnitude of it all.  We, have not experienced anything like this in our life time and we can only hope that the medical minds of a collective world can come up with a solution.

At the present time, I can not return to the United States.

… but I can dream … I can dream …

And somebody spoke and I went into a dream

|  |

I can read, I can write, I can listen to music and I can love …

Is it getting better
Or do you feel the same?
Will it make it easier on you, now
You got someone to blame?

Have you come here for forgiveness?
Have you come to raise the dead?
Have you come here to play Jesus
To the lepers in your head?

Sisters, brothers
One life, but we’re not the same
We get to carry each other, carry each other

Thank you U2 and the Beatles for making my dreams seem real.

Happy St. Patrick’s day all!


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Vote? aaahh haaa

I recently asked readers to submit a guest blog.  Four were submitted.  I thank you all.  

I recruited three people to read them and vote … ah ha…  and I thank you as well

… and the winner was Lesley Carrigg…

A good friend of mine is an avid Bernie Sanders supporter. I am proud of them for passionately supporting a candidate and for being involved in our system of government. I encouraged them to look at a more moderate candidate (Amy Klobuchar) but, they’re not having it. Oh well, I tried. Ok, so here goes, don’t read if you don’t like to discuss your country’s future, calmly. This is why I believe my dear friend is wrong, though well intentioned:

BS wants to stop fracking immediately thus ending our energy independence. We can’t just stop fracking. Phase it out, yes. We can’t switch to wind power or to solar power 💯 believe it or not, they each have a significant downside. We need to explore all energy sources including ( gasp) nuclear. Putting our energy resources into the hands of the Middle East by taking away our energy independence is irresponsible and potentially devastating for US. Review the research of Dr Mike Shellenberger. This is not a simple “stop fracking and we’ll be fine” issue, far from it.

Other BS issues like free healthcare, free education I don’t want to debate. I’m not a socialist or a democratic socialist so there’s no point. People have their opinions and they’ve a right to them just as I have a right to mine. Free stuff just isn’t the way the world works. If you’re not paying for it, someone else is.

But about that I’m not a communist I’m a democratic-socialist thing, a Democrat is not a socialist just like a socialist is not a communist. BS opened that door by saying he’s a democratic-socialist which was never a thing. Bar graph from Democrat to communist I guarantee you has socialist somewhere in the middle.

The former New York City mayor officially announced his presidential bid on Nov. 24, writing: “I’m running for president to defeat Donald Trump and rebuild America. We cannot afford four more years of President Trump’s reckless and unethical actions.” A three-term mayor of N.Y.C., Bloomberg, 77, has been both a Republican and Democrat and is seen as many observers as a more centrist candidate, compared to progressives such Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Bloomberg has also been a fierce advocate for reform to prevent gun violence. He is reportedly willing to spend freely from his billion-dollar fortune, amassed as the head of an eponymous financial and media company, to support his candidacy. Still, he faces a steep — possibly impossible — challenge to winning the nomination, given that he entered the race with only months before voting began.

BS is talking about change that could affect our daily lives in a profound way. Energy costs would soar, availability of energy would decline (what about those pesky wind blades and batteries Malaysia no longer wants) interest rates would rise and significantly so, stock market would have massive declines, real estate values would also significantly decline forcing many into bankruptcy. These are all real threats of a socialist government here. Have you seen photos of grocery stores in socialist countries? They’re nothing like ours.
And that literary program Castro instituted in the 60s BS referred to as this big accomplishment, why weren’t our teachers here up in arms over that statement? What exactly has our education system been doing since the start of our nation? Forefront on that list I guarantee is literacy. Castro controlled which books were read in that literacy program of his btw. Cubans have faced certain death in over-crowded small boats to come here because  Cuba is oppressive. Here we have liberty. There they have communism.

Minimum wage is a big issue for BS. His math on this doesn’t work. Higher wages and higher taxes, the worker makes less. Google it. Check it out for yourself. If a small business owner can afford x amount in salaries, that’s it. The number he can afford doesn’t change because minimum wages increase but the number of employees he hires sure does. Numbers are numbers. Small business owners work like dogs for years. Maybe, if they’re lucky, they’ll make it. Has anyone seen my husband this week?

We need a two party system. Our whole democracy is based on checks and balances. What we’re heading for with BS would bring our current dysfunction of a Democratic Party to a whole new level. Democrats desperately need a moderate. BS must be stopped. Amy klobuchar is correct about this. I’m sorry she dropped out. She’s a good person even though we disagree, she has a temper and is very resourceful when hungry.

When I was first voting for president, my dad sent me an absentee ballot so I could vote. I asked him why knowing he was a republican and I was an anti Vietnam Democrat. He told me voting in this country was one of it’s greatest privileges and that it wasn’t up to him to decide how a person voted only to make sure that they did if he could. I then asked him why on earth he was a republican anyway. He replied: I believe that a government in the hands of the people is it’s greatest protection against a corrupt society. States rights puts government in the hands of the people. No one politician has all the answers. The best you can do is to stick to your principles.

I changed in that conversation. It became so clear to me. I could now hear our leaders speak and I knew what I thought and felt. I knew what to look for in a candidate. I hope for everyone their ah ha moment as well.

As for my friend, I hope they still like me. Peace.

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drive on up date


If your interested and have read my last post…I was approved for my lesson reduction.  I still have to take lessons and then ‘the’ test before I can get my Irish drivers license.

I probably should not have done this but I sent the following today.

Attn:  Brian Mahony 

         Operations Director NDLS


Thank you for your long overdue letter dated 13/02/2020.

Putting the Peter principle aside and that you do not take phone calls, I would like to commend the NDLS for giving you Mr. Brian Mahony, Operations Director, the opportunity to showcase your communication/decision making skills.  Your firm grip on the details of my case and interaction with your agents, who you claim mis-informed me (strange that they did after consulting with their supervisor) can only add to the reputation of NDLS. I will do my part to make my circle of family, friends and political/business aquanticies aware of how I was dealt with….oh least I forget your boss.

In my life in the states I was the President of a TV station and through my contacts with RTE radio an on air interview is certainly possible.  Perhaps you would like to pass on more information about your management skills and background.

Should you make an exception and are able to find my phone number in the many computer updates from my numerous calls please call me …but then again your busy schedule might not allow that.

How sad that would be.

All this started over seven weeks ago because my file was attached to someone from Saudia Arabia.  Ahh but you already knew that … right.


Daniel Neal Carney

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drive on…aaahhh not so fast my man


The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, the Irish Drivers Licensing Service and 4safedrivers,…aaaahhh…one takes your money and delivers zip, maybe I should say two take your money and one your metal health …more correctly one seems to be a scam and the other two are bureaucracies that should be replaced by private companies…nah…then they all would be scams…come to think of it they all are scams.

As I mentioned, I am trying to get my Irish driver’s license and I must take driver’s lessons before I take my driver’s exam.  In order to reduce the number to 6, I have applied for an exemption to the 12 lesson requirement by submitting documents from the Mass RMV.  Sounds pretty easy, huh?



What if someone from the above agencies and company read my blog and get a bit pissed off…you might ask.  Living on the edge of insanity. I plan on sending it on to them.

While applying for my learner’s permit I visited an Irish branch office and the agent reviewed the documents that I was to submit to reduce the number of lessons.  Everything was in order.

Two weeks later I got a notification in the mail that all were rejected.

I make my first of many calls to the Irish NDLS.  Typical hold times of 30 minutes or more several times on the same call.

“Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line until your call is no longer important to you.”

It seems that my marriage license and my letter from the Saudi Embassy were received and…I go what are you talking about.  On hold another 30 minutes. Well…well my file has been attached to some towel head from Saudi. Oh we’ll straighten this out they say.  Another week and my next call … we have not received your documents from the Mass RMV. OK, I’ll send another one. Another week and rejected again.  Next call was …why? On hold 40 minutes … the document is not current. I call the Mass RMV and get …your wait time is approximately 40 minutes…I say what else do I have to do and after 30 minutes…your wait time is now 10 minutes…after 20 minutes get…your new wait time is 40 minutes…  Contact one of two people in this story that get things done. Thank you. A new Mass RMV document is sent on via email, included in it is some information about me refusing to take some test and  subsequently landing me in  accomodations next to a serial killer for the night. (that’s another story)

I forward the new document on. Call a few days later.  We do not take email copies. Ask to speak to a supervisor…wait for 30 minutes. OK we will make an exception…send it on again. Receive a rejection email 4 days later saying we do not accept email copies. Call…on hole 35 minutes … oh your correct Mr. Carney we should have noted that on our computers, this should be straightened out in a few days.

…and counting…

4safedriving, the other person that produces, and my progress up next…oh maybe in a couple of days.

…rejected again…we do not accept email attachments…

to be continued…

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Tenerife, Daniel O’Donnell, Stormy Daniels and long cocks


The hunting season is coming to a close and the long cocks are up.

I don’t hunt and as far as long cocks go…I just got my invitation to the “event”… and it reads in part     “You and a guest are invited to the 10th  annual Bunclody long cock competition.  As in the past, the competition will be stiff and well represented by some of the longest cocks in the county.  This year’s judge will be Stormy Daniels (of Donald Trump fame).  She will be wearing full latex, including gloves as she does the cock measurements…”

It goes on … but read

 Bunclody’s 2nd annual “long cock” competition 

first…that’s if you haven’t already.

I can’t believe it has been going on for that long and that that blog is still the most read blog I have written.  Read by people in 24 countries.

The competition has been pushed back to 01/04/2020,  that’s the way the Irish list dates.  

Off to some sun and fun.

After my trip to Venice, I swore never to fly Ryanair  again… but here I am on to Tenerife aboard the airline of the masses.  Some time back they tried to set up sections on their planes that were standing room only.  Didn’t pass government regulations, so they arranged  the seats to accommodate those 5’2″ and under.

While boarding the plane I got to talk to Daniel O’Donnell the famous Irish singer.  I don’t think I have ever heard a song by him…so not so famous to me.

Nice guy.  On his way with his family for a little R&R.


Of course I concealed a bottle of Irish going on and proceeded to have a few and after a while got to thinking about Stormy and her latex gloves measuring the long cocks.  Got me all tingly or maybe it was just the Irish Whiskey.

Just have one comment on the game that I couldn’t watch…1st and goal on the 1…come on.

During the holidays I was asked if I was ever going to have another open invitation to be a guest blogger.  Hadn’t thought about it so yes I am.  Mark Southworth was the first and he was great so … Mark, Lorcan, Michael, Peet and whom ever, send them on to carney.daniel@gmail.com. Perhaps I can get Stormy to handle the submissions.  Try to keep it around 500 words, otherwise Stormy might doze off.

On the way back from Dublin, we stopped at the same petrol station at which I put gas into the tank rather than diesel.  Those of you who read about that day might recall me befriending the manager of the station.  She told me of her husband waiting for a transplant and wasn’t sure he would make it…good news he got it and is doing fine.  She remembered me and told me with tears in her eyes.

Oh ya…Tenerife… jodidamente brilliante!!!


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Drive on…


Today is my first driving lesson in Ireland.  If you read my blog you might recall why I have to go through this shit.  OK I’ll tell you again. My insurance company over here will not cover me because I do not have an Irish driver’s license…and while going through this process they find out that I stay in country illegally for  extended periods of time.

My interrogation at the immigration office went something like this.  “How long have you been staying for three months or more in Ireland?”   I say oh about eight years. “No one every questioned you about this?” No I say. I didn’t want to tell them about some arse hole wanting to send me back to Boston on the next plane after I had just landed in Dublin a few years ago.

Oh ya the driving lesson…

The driving instructor is located about 40 minutes away and to get there you must travel on one of the worst roads in Ireland and I might add there are a few of those roads about. 

I must say they just completed a highway extension to Wexford and it looks great.  The reason for building it was to have smooth sailing to Rosslare where the ferries leave for England and France.  Well guess what, they just shut down the ferry service. 

And speaking of “I’m here from the government to help” this crack down on drinking is gone way too far…the garda are setting up roadblocks in the morning to check alcohol levels in your blood.  Then again where else would alcohol levels be? 

I’m running off to my lesson now and I’ll continue this shit in a few hours.

Not so fast.  No lesson.

Didn’t have the fucking proper documents.  I will attempt to get them tomorrow but you have to understand what “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” really means over here.  You’re just fucked!

Now for something more pleasant…it has been raining solid for two fucking days.  The Derry River in front of our house is flooded and Clonegal is about to be washed away.

Then again I do enjoy a water view.

Any one want to put a few “bob” on some thing gets fucked up.  Oh no …this is the day the country shuts down for a month to celebrate Christmas.  OK it’s not a month but if it snows it would be out of action for at least three weeks.

On to the NDLS first thing in the morning to get my provisional driver’s license and all documents were in order …save my medical report.  It was dated last year when I started this shit.  On to the doctor’s office to get it updated.  Was told I would have to get another exam.  Please, I said, could you run it by the doc and see if he would sign off on it.  He did.  

My appointment is this Monday…any bets?

Seems like every thing is in order and my experience with the agent was actually pleasant.  I will to put these documents in the mail today and hope that during this time of the year they get to the proper place before the summer. 

Now I can begin my lessons.  

Happy Christmas.


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Musings from Ireland and New England …the Book



click on Musings… Book 1


Musings…Book 1


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It’s all about what you like and don’t like…

My sister. Carol Veiga, the artist, is helping me put a “best” of, or maybe some would consider “worst” of, book of these musings. 

I’ve been doing this for nine years and some I like and others were written to keep my streak going.  Maybe I shouldn’t have said that…they’re all great.

To date, the most popular continue to be “The long cock competition” and the “Bone Setter”.  People still contact me  thinking I am the Bone Setter looking to get an appointment and as for the long cock, well …

If you are a regular reader and you remember one that you like, please let me know. 

Some of my favorites are…

Written on or about April 1, Jimmy and Johnny, The wrong violin, A day to confess, Listening, Dancing with pigeons and I’ll stop at that.

…oh ya, I’m going to include some of my other stuff like…

my watch must be broken i seem to lose time, a lot of time and i think it is getting worse every day… i’ve done everything to conserve it but nothing works i guess my watch is broken after all it’s getting old

rabbits in the road, my car seems like it’s chasing them or are they teasing me i’ll go ask alice

…and look at what those rabbits brought me

The foo foo do blonde one is Mae. the little one is Dan, and the big guys are Colleen and Ciaran.  They live in Dublin, Ireland, are visiting and stayed at the beach for a while.

Someone at the beach asked Mae about baby Dan and she said, I might add, very quickly…do you want him?

Give the blonde one a few more years and her stories will blow “Colleen” stories away….aahhh that’s for some other time and they would be called the best of…

What did we do to this woman for her to take the road less traveled?  …and continues on quite nicely.

Whatever it was is still working.  Thank you!









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Dancing under the moon

Dancing under the moon

Come a little bit closer 

Hear what I have to say

Just like children sleeping

We could dream this night away

But there’s a full moon rising

Let’s go dancing in the light

We know where the music’s playing

Let’s go out and feel the night

Because I’m still in love with you

I want to see you dance again

Because I’m still in love with you

When we were strangers

I watched you from afar

When we were lovers

I loved you with all my heart

On this harvest moon

But now it’s getting late

And the moon is climbing high

I want to celebrate

See it shining in your eye

Because I’m still in love with you

I want to see you dance again

Because I’m still in love with you

On this harvest moon

Because I’m still in love with you

]I want to see you dance again

Because I’m still in love with you

On this harvest moon

It was just the “band” … the three of us and a dog.  We had a few cocktails, leftover hors’ d’oeuvres’ and sat on the back deck to watch the sun setting.  He happened to look out front and there it was just dancing over Buzzards Bay…an orange moon.  We moved to the front deck and were hypnotized by the beauty of this moon and night.

The radio was playing and Neil Young’s Harvest moon began on cue.

He got up and beckon her to join him on the sand.  They danced, laughed and groped one another while their dog, as close to them as he could get, looked up at them with a tilted head in total wonder.

They indeed fell in love again. 

The moon reflected a path towards us.  So real and so inviting.  Could this be the way?

Not tonight.

…because they were dancing under an orange moon and nothing else matter.


 Thank you Neil Young and the person who took this picture and my friends for being so true and for Mary’s love for this song as well

The moon this night was actually a sturgeon moon


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