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Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.  ~Leonardo da Vinci We recently went to the Mill House Gallery,, for a Mark O’Neill exhibition.  The gallery and gardens … Continue reading

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The ICP and The Silly Party

John B. Keane’s “Independent Coulogeous Party” formed in the mid 1950’s and Monty Python’s Silly Party and  Serious Party in the 1970’s would seem quite appropriate today. Keane penned “Coulogeous” …  while several sources, including the dictionary, offer no definition … Continue reading

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Scenes from Abbeydown, Ireland

A picture is worth a thousand words.  These are scenes from nearby Brow Cottage. May back roads lead you to Brow Cottage, an Abbeydown rainbow and a “pot of gold” upon arriving.

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The 3:35 & 5:19 at Nass…sure thing

With a title like the above, doesn’t it sound like I know a thing or two about horse racing …and for a much better understanding of this post, horses asses and “Jim will fix it” read “A day at Leopardstown … Continue reading

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Forever YounGaga…

The Staples Center in Los Angeles recently hosted the 53rd annual Grammy awards.  I didn’t watch it but I note with great interest there is a new Lady in town.   Ms. Antebellum … there is not enough room for two “Ladies”, so … Continue reading

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Trouble sleeping?

My last post generated a good number of emails and comments.  Many of which indicated that they will try to read it again when they are having trouble sleeping. I will attempt to lighten it up a bit with some  John B. Keane … Continue reading

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Who’s passing out the get out of jail cards?

Should I write about the upcoming Irish election along with Irish “justice” for criminals … ah why not?  Perhaps you can find some common ground in both, because both politicians and criminals have already found their pot of gold. I do realize that many … Continue reading

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Via facsimile

Ok…so I’m now connected through Twitter and that means… Hey I’m still trying to figure out how you can put a printed page, picture or document into a machine, punch in a phone number, send, and the same thing, seconds later, comes … Continue reading

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6’1″ Silence

  The following excerpts are from my 534 page book, published by Random House and due at stores on April 1 2011.  The book is an astonishing tale of intrigue and espionage, sex and seduction, action, adventure, tension and violence.  6’1” Silence is my … Continue reading

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Suggestion box, salads and looking for #1

The Driscolls lived across the street from us when we first moved to Milton, Massachusetts.  They were in their late eighties and were on the go all the time.  They had seven children and the youngest was born when Mrs. … Continue reading

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