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Comedic Art

I think we all agree that art comes in many different forms.  It also comes from minds that border on lunacy…and it has been said on more than one occasion that I’m a lunatic… Today I needed a good laugh … Continue reading

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My Office …

My office is … the pictures just don’t do it justice. You may ask,  justice in which way? Once in a while Mary or Colleen try to clean it up and, of course, I can’t find anything and I get … Continue reading

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Please! Enough with the “at the end of the day” b.s. Am I alone here?  Is anyone else sick of  this cliche?  For that matter why don’t you send me other cliches that you feel are overused and tired. From now … Continue reading

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Standing your “round”

With Saint Patrick’s Day upon us and considering that I just returned from a four month stay in Clonegal and Dublin, I thought that my American take on a few things Irish might be of some interest. I  realize that … Continue reading

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Girls and boys gone wild!

Picked up the Boston Herald upon landing in Boston and there on the front page was Giselle in a bikini. (Got my immediate attention)  She and Tom had just arrived in Brazil and the photo (page 6) was of him … Continue reading

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