Girls and boys gone wild!

"Should I play football today or just stay in bed" One of many decisions faced by Tom Brady everyday

Picked up the Boston Herald upon landing in Boston and there on the front page was Giselle in a bikini. (Got my immediate attention)  She and Tom had just arrived in Brazil and the photo (page 6) was of him in a surgery boot and she was wearing jeans and some simple shirt.  Do we all agree that she could wear a burlap bag and and a Yankee cap and  would look faaannnnnntassstic.

A few years back we happened to stand by her and ‘what’s his name and what have you done lately’? backstage at a U2 concert.  Well I thought I was at a U2 concert but seemed to be watching something else all night.

I don’t know anything about Brady’s broken foot.  Can someone contact me with details and is this why they crashed in the playoffs? or was it more likely to have happen falling out of bed after some marathon session of some kind.

Ya know what I just did…I scrolled back to her picture after I wrote the above paragraph…ya… that could have happened…he fell out of bed.

At the Hospital yesterday I picked up a magazine that had Lucinda Williams on the cover If you don’t know her music check her out on the previously mentioned site, click on to one of her songs and then just go to one of her concerts.  She’s f*cking brilliant.

Lucinda Williams

OK so who’s playing center for the Celtics…and where did Perk go?  I thought who was on first for the Sox.  I’m a bit confused and perhaps it is just jet lag.

“Excuse me, sir. Do you know who farted?”—”He sure did.”—”What’s the person’s name?”—”Who.”—”The guy that farted!”—

See ICP and the Silly Party Blog….

Checking my mail and I note that S.I.’s swimsuit issue went missing…where could it be..oh where could it be.  I bet that the US Postal Service has more complaints about that magazine gone missing that any other piece of mail.  Odds???? Want ta bet?

Sports Illustrated

Speaking of S.I. I did get the issue with the “Fighter” on the cover.  I thought the movie was great and Bale certainly deserved to win best supporting actor.  Though the 3 Gatti/Ward fights were not portrayed in it, the inside the ring action and more so, the out of the ring action, was a fifteen round toe to toe mental and physical  battle.

the movie "The Fighter"

In this same issue is a story of Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves.  He is the son of Stan Love, a former NBA player, and the younger brother of Beach Boys founding member Mike Love. He is the cousin of Beach Boys Brian Wilson and Dennis Wilson.

The article brought back memories of “Stan’s” brief association with our band of friends.  Many years ago, my friends and I were able to get front row seats (to all games) at the old Boston Garden from our friend’s mother a “saint of a woman” who worked at the Garden for many years.  She would not only get us the best seats in the house but would reserve the best table downstairs at the “Horse”  bar for us after the game.  RIP Rita, I’m sure your still taking care of all your friends up there in NBA heaven.

One particular game we sat next to the opposing team’s bench and the last person on the bench was Stan Love.  Stan’s mind was not on the game nor was he listening to anything his coach was saying during the time outs.  His only interest was talking to us to find out where the action was in town and looking around for the most attractive women in the crowd.  We told him to meet us downstairs at the “Horse” and we would try to “entertain” him.

Apparently he was impressed.

He returned to the garden several months later and came looking for us in the “Horse”.  He asked if we had been following his box scores and told us proudly that one of their players went down with an injury and he was called upon to start.  His first game up he scored 28 points.  A career and game high.  We were “forced” to celebrate his new status in the NBA.

He only lasted four years in the NBA and rejoined the “Beach Boys” in some capacity.

My no name cat came by this morning looking at me like “Where the hell have you been” then rolled over waiting for me to pet her.  We also baby sat Izzie aka “Killer” last night. She was picked up for armed robbery and assault this morning.

Issie aka "Killer"

I think I want a dog or a cat … or … I understand Giselle’s sister is looking for a place to stay when she’s in Boston.  Maybe I should just settle for that.

Just in…Kevin Love set a record with his 52nd straight double-double, passing Moses Malone for the longest streak since 1976 (3/9/11)

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