My Office …

My Milton Office

My office is … the pictures just don’t do it justice.

You may ask,  justice in which way?

Once in a while Mary or Colleen try to clean it up and, of course, I can’t find anything and I get at “bit” upset.

On the wall are pictures of Ted Williams, Bill Russell, Larry Bird, the 2004 Red Sox World Series poster , Tom Brady, George W., my invitation to the White House to celebrate Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, and a copy of Richard Nixon’s letter of resignation…

OK boys and girls, with no help from the audience, a quick history quiz.  1.  How many words are in the text of the letter?  2.  Who is the letter addressed to? 3.  What date is on the letter?  Any one who gets all three correct gets a boot in the arse.  I liked Nixon.

I can think of one person that would get these questions right and his initials are J.V.

…and framed Ted Williams baseball cards.

Anyone my age, that loved baseball, collected cards and eventually remembers the horror of discovering that his mother, wife or girlfriend threw them all away.  I also had a scrap book of newspaper and magazine articles about Ted and in this scrap book I kept his baseball cards.  So upon my return from my Marine Corps vacation I find the book and my cards, which are now on my wall along with two articles about him.  ‘Hub fans bid Kid Adieu’ by John Updike and ‘A hero is forever’ by Mike Barnicle.

Updike’s “God does not answer letters” is a “Williams” must read.

S.I. covers

Books on the shelf are “Catch 22” which I refer to all the time, John B. Keane’s “Letters” books, “A Hero for our Time” about JFK, “Man of the House” about Tip O’Neill, “What they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School” and a bunch of Funk & Wagnalls that I haven’t thrown away yet.


I have a Larry Bird drawing by Tommy Heinsohn on the wall and least I forget an autographed picture of “Teddy Ball Game” to Dan Carney…good luck Ted Williams.  Pictures of John Wyman, Ted Wyman, John Quigley, Colleen and Mary at “Pops by the Sea”.  Re-elect Bob Carney stickers…golf balls with Red Sox and Patriots logos on them.


… and I have three dictionaries.  I can’t spell and sometimes even “spell check” can’t help me.

"Pops by the Sea"

Looking around again and I find autographed baseballs by Roger Clements and Carton Fisk, glasses from Celtic Vision and my favorite Bugs Bunny Glass, a picture of my 1961 Jaguar and a sign that reads … On the plains of opportunity bleach the bones of countless millions – who at the dawn of victory – sat down to rest and in resting died …

You can barely make it out next to Shelly Driftwood, Red Sox fan, is a “I was there” card for the opening of Schaefer Stadium at Foxborough for the New England Patriots.  Mark Southworth ( claims to have gone…I have proof…he doesn’t…but I do vaguely remember him getting hit with a cane by one pissed off old man … that was after he decked the guy’s grandson.  You can’t get this type of excitement sitting on a couch watching sporting events.

Shelly Driftwood "Red Sox" fan

Ask him about it…aaahhh…you really can’t because he wasn’t there…

Somewhere around here is a FBI Wanted Poster of James “Whitey” Bulger.  My story about him and his FBI handler John Connolly is for another time.

…and two Stravros Cosmopulos “Watermelon Whale Watch” posters.

Steve Cosmopulos

Eddie McLaughlin, the former Lt. Governor of Massachusetts, is mentioned in “A Hero for our Time” and I asked him to sign it for me.

Eddie was my mentor; he was a PT boat commander in World War II and a friend of JFK.  Bob Harrison was a friend of mine, a PT boat commander in World War II and room mate of JFK in Newport, Rhode Island when they were training in the Navy.

Eddie and Bob lived in Osterville on Cape Cod and attended the same church.

… but had never met each other until I got them together for lunch.

My only regret was that I didn’t have a tape recorder with me.  The lunch lasted for about three hours…Eddie enjoyed his cocktails…and I just listened…to “not for the public” stories about the President.

Eddie and Bob became close friends and unfortunately just a few short years later, they both died.

Oh…I just noticed a glass from TV58 …

Back in those days I used to quit drinking for lent…save St. Patrick’s Day.  This particular year the station held a St. Patrick’s party at the Hyannis Sheraton Hotel and over 300 people attended the festivities.

At the end of the evening or morning with balloons in car … off we go back to Plymouth … last exit … and … sir would you mind stepping out of the car … the overnight benches in the State Police Barracks are very, very hard.

I mentioned that John Wyman is in several pictures on my wall.  John is a lawyer and a friend.  That night or rather morning,  I called him and he advised me not to take the breathalyzer, which meant losing my license for an automatic three months.  Did I mention he was at the party as well and he was not drinking orange juice.

Hoping that the state trooper would not show up in court, John kept postponing my case.  After three postponements, he calls and tells me that the clerk will not allow any more delays and that we’re up even if the trooper shows.

Of course he’s there…and he asks to speak to John privately.  Fifteen long minutes later, John comes back and informs me that I have one of, if not the best lawyer in the Commonwealth.

All charges have been dropped.  Then John tells me why.  The trooper took the time to look into my background at TV58 and what the station did for the community and that I was not the “arse” hole that everyone thinks I am…then he added …the trooper said if he had to do it all over again he would have arrested my wife…Mary just loves the end of this story.

If I keep looking around I’ll find something else to write about … in the mean time …

File under "Hurricaine"

Ricky Gervais’ office has nothing on mine…

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  1. Carol says:

    You didn’t mention that this office is in a closet.

  2. John Wyman says:


    New meaning to “book ’em Danno” Made me laugh and remember some great times together!

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