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Pimping driftwood and found object art

Apparently I have not been using enough “key” words to promote the web sites that I am involved in….In the future, you might notice that a story like the “wrong” violin, I would add certain words that make no sense to the flow…it would read “You stupid bastard…you took the wrong violin but that driftwood mantle piece that you made is very nice. Continue reading

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My ship is a comin in

I am not a greedy person and I thought I might share some of my good fortune with loyal readers of my blog.  Ya sure, you say…and I say… hey, there is more to come … cuz my our ship … Continue reading

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The “wrong” violin

You know the days…when everything seems to be going fine and then you get one of those phone calls from “left field”. Some years ago while in my office at TV58, the receptionist calls me and says your wife is … Continue reading

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Just thinking…again

“I can’t stop thinking like this”…Steven Wright It is the day after opening day and we now know that the “Sox’ are not going to go 162-0.  Losing the opener and Sports Illustrated picking them to win the world series is … Continue reading

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