Roy Barlow came home today…

Roy and Liam Barlow

Roy Barlow came home safe and sound  to his wife and son today.  There were no parades just a small family celebration.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is planning an event to officially welcome his unit back from Afghanistan.  I just hope that it is not in 90 degree heat and that the political pontifications are limited and brief.

1599 (to date) American heroes that served in Afghanistan will never go home.

Why are our men & women here?

4474 (to date) American heroes that served in Iraq will never go home.


…and 58,212 American heroes that served in Vietnam will never go home.

Many Americans or should I say, people who live here that suck on the teat of America, could care less.

Time to bring our men and women home.

…and the rest of the world…let them take care of their own problems.

What say you?

God bless America

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