to the left...little east beach

to the right...little east beach

This is my 50th post since my blog started last year.  Actually it is my 52nd post but 50 sounds better when putting a “favorite” post listing together.

If you are a first time visitor I welcome you and if you’re a reader I also welcome your comments, be they positive or negative.

My favorite posts, pictures and videos, are in no particular order and to read the postings or view the videos just click on the title or date posted…and then wrap it all up with U2’s “Beautiful Day”

While some of my friends prefer salads and wine, I enjoy a “drink” or two on occasion, and if you haven’t seen this video … check it out.  John B. holds a PHD in Hydration Management.  I include it in my posting “Trouble sleeping” February 2011.

John B.

Joh B. Keane on drink

I have told the story about the “violin” many, many times but finally put it in writing.  My book titled 6’1″ was fun to write.  Had to be a few on music and Youngaga is my favorite.  Extras with my girl Glenn is … well … about acting like you belong.  A day at Leopardstown Races was my best day spent in Ireland last year.  My vocabulary is not “fucking brilliant” and “Words” prove it.

Some of my favorite photographs are the Grande Canal in Venice; Elmer J. Fudd; The Abbeydown tree; and Tiberious Purcelli; Portmarnock  and the above of “Little East Beach”.

… and Robin Williams video explanation of Golf in Scotland is “fucking brilliant” and is in my “Comedic Art” posting March 24, 2011.

The “wrong” violin

Guarneri violin labelGuarneri violin label

You know the days…when everything seems to be going fine and then you get one of those phone calls from “left field”.

The “wrong” violin


Forever YounGaga…

The Staples Center in Los Angeles recently hosted the 53rd annual Grammy awards.  I didn’t watch it but I note with great interest there is a new Lady in town.

Lady Gaga

Forever YounGaga…

Tiberious Purcelli sitting on our fence out front of our house


Ricky Gervais recently hosted the Golden Globe awards.  According to what I read in the Irish press, Hollywood was not too excited about what he said about them.  I like Gervais

J.W. aka "Elmer J. Fudd" front steps of our home in Ireland

Robon Williams & golf

Robin Williams on golfvideo.google.com
2 min – Jan 18, 1992
Robin Williams explains the origins of golf.

Abbeydown tree

6’1″ Silence

The following excerpts are from my 534 page book, published by Random House and due at stores on April 1 2011.  The book is an astonishing tale of intrigue and espionage, sex






feckin eegit




fair enough

no bother


fucking brilliant

One might select words from this list to describe….oh let’s say US Vice President Joe Biden…Now the entire world knows US Vice President Joe Biden is a feckin eegit.

Live … life … make mistakes … take risks … and never look back … and have a …

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