driftwood, found object art & great “stuff” by my sister

little east beach

We have heard from many of our friends, some strangers, and several celebrities about attending the South Coast artists Open Studio Tour on August 20 & 21.

Open Studio Tour

Buzzards Bay Sounding web site

Though it could be difficult to get Gisele away from the “beach” but ya never know it might be a bit overcast.  Is that Little East Beach she is strolling on?…you may ask…

Colleen & friend

I’m pretty sure my daughter Colleen will be coming but I’m not too sure about her friend.  I understand that he just finished a two year world-wide tour with his band… but I do believe she’ll be bringing John “Elmer” Waskiewicz.

The Audubon just love this guy.

John "Elmer Fudd" Waskiewicz

Dustin Pedrioa is playing that week end but has indicated in the past that he is always willing to help g00d causes and it certainly looks  like Gisele needs help from the clothing shop at Good Will.

Dustin tosses hat to Gisele

I haven’t heard from Gisele’s husband yet but if he came I would make sure his hat goes missing.  I collect hats.

The husband

Carol Veiga’s husband Joe is the cousin of Peter Souza, the White House photographer and my new best friend on Facebook.  He has not replied to my note yet…so you can probably expect to see him…oh wait…just got word he might be tied up…oh that Barney Frank he’s such a joker.

Pete SouzaGee enough about my celebrity friends … the tour is all about art and “risk takers”

My sister’s “stuff” is great

drying off

little east beach gate

take a seat

you can't have her

My stuff … you kindly ask…

mantle piece

beach brick

irish shell

irish driftwood & rose

In …

Pimping driftwood and found object art

… I try to explain “something” I’m not sure what … but you might want to check it out if you haven’t read it yet.

Once again … Carol and I will be taking “risk” at 608 Division Road, South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Come on by and just maybe  Pete Souza will take your picture with Gisele and me.

See ya at 608 Division Road

The two days on the south coast will be alive and beautiful…enjoy them …as you listen to …

U2 Beautiful Day Live

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