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OK … lets try to figure this mess out … but  ya gotta understand I’m a simple kind of guy that believes in the KISS principle.  Therefore as soon as  you start talking about a trillion dollars here and a trillion dollars there you’ve lost me.  What I can understand is “wasting” chump change like …

…$213,000 for olive fruit fly research in FRANCE

finger pointing

… and …apparently the Recovery.gov web site was perfectly adequate and completely functional, yet someone with political connections has been awarded a lucrative contract to rebuild it.  Such a project could be undertaken by any web designer, anywhere in the country.  There are probably thousands of people who could have done this work for a small fraction of $18 million.

finger pointing

… and … The long list of pet projects passed by Congress in a record deficit year includes $1.8 million to study why pigs smell.

… and …

$1.2 million to study the breeding habits of the woodchuck.
$150,000 to study the Hatfield-McCoy feud.
$1 million to study why people don’t ride bikes to work.
$219,000 to teach college students how to watch television.

finger pointing

… and one of my favorites …

Recently Congress appropriated $340,000,000 in federal tax dollars to PBS (Public Broadcasting Services).  I’m sure that Barney the purple dinosaur and Big Bird appreciate this generous gesture, but they are hardly worthy of our tax dollars!  So the next time you turn on PBS (if you actually watch it) and see them asking for donations, remember that you are already a sponsor.

I must admit that I watch PBS once in a while and if I happen onto one of their “crying poor mouth” sessions, I take the following action.  Invariably they will offer some tote bag of some kind or a “T” shirt made in China for your donation of $5,000.00 … OK … maybe just $1,000.00, I will call and ask them for the gift item.  The poor unfortunate that answered my call will then ask me how much do I want to donate, and I will tell them that I have already donated and that they can send me the blue “T” shirt.  They will act confused and I will tell them that my donation comes yearly in my tax payment to the IRS.  They will then turn me over to someone else who hangs up on me.  I make this call once a year.

finger pointing

I have this credit card that has a $30,000.00 credit limit on it.  I have never approached that amount but I would imagine that the Bank of America would have a problem with me if I went over it.

… Congress and our government has no limits and will continue to spend your money  ($576,000) to manage weeds (no location specified).

… and like I said … I believe in the KISS principle … keep it simple stupid … and speaking of stupid, I’m convinced that this whole new mess on Wall Street started on a Joe Biden fart.

Joe Biden farts

This is way too much for me … I’m going fishing …here …

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