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Just thinking again … again

“I can’t stop thinking like this”…Steven Wright … and we’re worried that the Red Sox won’t make the playoffs and who will make the cut on Dancing with the Stars. We are able to enjoy the “stress”  of  both because of … Continue reading

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New Bedford’s season…

To every thing, there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…Ecclesiastes 3:1 I recently came across a book about ship wrecks off Cape Cod and a picture of the Wanderer was featured along with what … Continue reading

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Have faith … Red Sox Nation

Oh sorry … wrong picture … I know I have one of Tom somewhere and as a matter of fact I have one of my daughter and Tom …  ya think I can find it … I think I’ll try … Continue reading

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Zits and 9/11

I devour editorial cartoons…especially those by Martyn Turner from the Irish Times.  If you have the time you can find out what is happening in the world by scanning strategically located newspapers and their editorial cartoons. Martyn Turner was especially … Continue reading

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Gee … your Facebook postings are really interesting …

    Hey, all you frequent contributors to this and other social networking sites, I’m looking for some direction. I want to inform my small circle of social networking friends when and where I last took a shit.  Apparently many … Continue reading

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Gone missing

Irene delivered an old wicker chair to the “beach” and I wonder where she stole it from.  It doesn’t look familiar and it must have a history. Storms can blow away the haze that clouds memories and Irene dug deep … Continue reading

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