Heroes and finding a Spanish gold doubloon

Marines in combat

We all make the mistake of asking friends and family “how was your vacation?” and then we cringe when the response is “I just happen to have ‘a few’ pictures … ”  and then you can’t get away fast enough.

I just returned from the Grand Cayman with lots of pictures and some stories to tell but I know better.

It seems like yesterday when my daughter graduated from Providence College, left on a two plus year far east adventure and returned with a touch and feel appreciation of the world and America.

As an aside, she left Phuket Thailand the day before the Tsunami hit.

tsuname wave off Phuket

I remember telling her after returning home and stories and pictures of places visited were a plenty, that friends and even family will politely listen and look but really won’t care about your tales of exotic adventure.  I was right.

You just have to have an emotional involvement in the places and pictures taken

Our troops, “our heroes” are coming home from Iraq and hopefully soon from Afghanistan  and guess what, they have stores to tell and pictures to show, and few of us give a shit.

My niece’s husband  returned from Afghanistan late this summer.  He has had some time to get accumulated but I’m sure some friends and neighbors don’t even know he left and could care less hearing about his time “in country”.

He’s on facebook and if you have the “time” thank him for serving.

Roy Barlow & Liam

Veterans day and the Marine Corps birthday was a few days ago and I got one “thanks for serving”  and that was from my wife.

Mark Thompson’s The Other 1% in Time magazine, writes, in part, about the separation of our military and citizens.  “Most Americans have not served in uniform, no longer have a parent who did and  are unlikely to encourage their children to enlist.”

“We love our troops, and you know why we love the troops?” asks Jack Jacobs, a retired Army Colonel and Medal of Honor recipient in Vietnam. “Because we don’t have to be the troops.”

The article cites statistics like in World War II the proportion of total U.S population in the armed forces was 8.7%, in Vietnam 1.8%, post 9/11 0.5%.

Alex Lemons, a graduate student and onetime sniper ends the article “The military is ultimately a reflection of our culture…or what we would like to believe about our culture,” he says. “But when the burden of fighting wars involves only 1% of our citizens and their families, it’s not good for them … or the country.”

God Bless America, watch over and protect our troops and while your at it… help America help itself…

…be honest…did you read this posting to find out if “the” bastard found a gold doubloon.  To find out you’ll have to suffer through some photographs and stories and then I’ll show you….


moon over Grand Cayman

…more pictures…


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One Response to Heroes and finding a Spanish gold doubloon

  1. Terence Just says:

    Taliban Stone Woman to death in Washington (for Adultery)

    You will say ”such a thing could never happen in America. I agree with you 100%, this will never happen, but to whom should you give your thanks…..?The Democrats? the Republicans?, of course not. The people who make sure the above will never happen are your soldiers……..Soldiers that are willing to give their life to keep America, and the rest of the world free from tyranny.

    Wake up America, and give your troops the respect and gratitude they deserve, they left the bosom of their family to fight for your freedom….. So that you can practice your religion, or not, as the case may be. You still have your Democracy intact, because of the heroism of your loyal troops.

    As an Irish man, living in Ireland I thank you America for my freedom of speech, and all the other democratic rights I enjoy…….Without you I am certain this would not be possible. God Bless America!
    Terence Just

    This is in relation to your article (Heroes and finding a Spanish gold doubloon) of the

    PSS: Dan…Good to hear from you been reading some of your article, looks good I’d say you have some stories from Vietnam…..Humorous or serious, I believe people would be very interested.

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