Justify…is it going to end?

Memorial Day has come and gone and this picture by John Moore still haunts me.  The boy is 8 years old and logic dictates that his father was killed in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Can someone tell me why it is necessary for our troupes to stay in Afghanistan?  Can someone justify this boy’s father losing his life for these ungrateful bastards?  Can someone justify losing the next father, son, daughter or mother over there?

When you add the financial cost …it is more than obscene…it is criminal.  It is my understanding that when we do leave (it looks like we will maintain a force in country for ever) we will have spent 900 billion dollars of our money to secure, protect, rebuild and pay off the poppy farmers.

Some of this money will go to training the Afghan army and the training will continue through 2014. The result … a highly sophisticated combat/security force.

The last time I checked, it takes, the US Marine Corps to train a highly sophisticated warrior, 13 weeks.  Am I missing something here?

US Marines training

Were we justified in going into Afghanistan against those who had attacked us on 9/11? Absolutely. No question about it. But now, today, our military presence in that country has become totally toxic. We have placed our soldiers in an impossible position. Our troops are there fighting the Taliban, but the bottom line is that they are fighting in support of an Afghan government that does not share our democratic values. Furthermore, our brave men and women are on a mission defined as helping a population that increasingly doesn’t want their help and finds the presence of armed foreigners in their homeland abhorrent.

Nevertheless, Afghanistan now looks a lot like South Vietnam circa 1970. I know that our President  has already set a timetable for withdrawal. I’m not here to argue for one date as opposed to another. The point is that the situation has become poisonous, and we need to get the hell out of there at the absolutely soonest possible moment.

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

…Justify, your secrecies that surmise your cries
I see the way you look around the bend
Is it going to end, when?
Justify, your secrecies that surmise your cries
I see the way you look around the bend
Is it going to end, to end, end?
When you change your mind is it going to end?

Credits to: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Ian Reifowitz

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Peter Chung, John Waskiewicz and Colleen Carney

…the Matthew W. Houlihan Foundation, Inc.

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  1. JOSEFINE says:

    Devastating, My friend is doing research about this. And I will forward this blog to him. Why do this children have to suffer. So frustating!

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