Pete Souza and Wes Welker

Friends indeed…Facebook that is.  Between them they have over 3300 Facebook friends and I’m sure they highly value my relationship more than most.

I have written 111 blogs in the last few years, at least one per month and I now have a few days left to keep my streak going.

Some have been funny, others sad and then there have been a “few” that just suck.  People from over 45 countries have read them and some of their comments were better than the blog itself.  The blogs most read are

The Bone Setter, back pain remedies & Irish weather forecasting


Bunclody’s 2nd annual “long cock” competition

… go figure.

Most sports fans are quite familiar with the accomplishments of Wes Welker of the New England Patriots.  I am his Facebook friend along with 1,200 plus other people.  How I got to be his Facebook friend I have no idea, I have never met him or talked to him and after he reads this he probably will delete me from his list.

Just reading about him and listening to his interviews gets him in the top 5 people I would like to have a “beverage” with.

I have never met Pete Souza.  My brother-in-law Joe Veiga is his cousin and I have met his mother on several occasions.  What they say about him automatically puts him in my top 5 list.

I would say most Americans could not identify who he is by looking at his picture but the world has looked at the pictures he has taken.  There are two terrifying pictures taken of Presidents when a historic moment was happening or had happened.  One was Andy Card whispering in President Bush’s ear after the planes hit the twin towers and the other was Pete Souza’s picture of the “staff” watching the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Pete is from New Bedford, Massachusetts and is the Chief Official White House photographer for President Obama.  He was also the Official White House Photographer during President Ronald Reagan’s second term.

I have a signed copy of his book on Reagan and I am one of his 2,100 plus Facebook friends.

Wouldn’t you love to have a “beverage” or two and listened to him tell a few stories…but what I’ve been told about him is he doesn’t talk “out of school” … so the best we can look forward to is his next book of photographs.

I’m not sure where I heard this but he was once asked what his favorite picture was and he responded “the next one”.

Wes and Pete, I return from Ireland later next month and will be available for “beverages” anytime after that.  I do realize how busy your schedules must be so I’m quite flexible…and like I said … will be returning from Ireland…and with a “bit of a thirst”.

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