My daughter …

She is a Dublin woman now.

She has always been an Irish girl/woman.  Her junior year (Providence College) was spent at University College Dublin,  she worked in a pub in the City and now is helping set up the European headquarters for a company called Hubspot

She has taught school in Korea, sold door-to-door in Australia, lived and worked in Majorca, Spain.  She holds a Masters degree from Harvard University.  She has seen and done things that most people will never experience in a much longer life time.

She left the beach house she was staying at in Phuket the day before the tsunami hit.  Luck and someone was looking after her that day.

  She hates the picture below…but the story behind it is a good one.  You might recognize the guy, he is the lead singer for a band.

She has tales to tell about her “experiences” (that is plural) with the FBI …

She brings a certain spirit and joy to the “beach” and to life…

She keeps me young at heart…she encourages me to do more and to live life with passion.

The beach will not be the same without her and I welcome her friends to visit and perhaps more stories of her exploits will surface.

She will be pissed that I posted this (probably because of the pictures I picked) and she will let me know in no uncertain terms.

The next time I see her will be at a wedding late this summer.

She is a Dublin woman now and I will miss her more than ever.

My dear Colleen, may a gentle Irish wind be always at your back … and the rain … deliver rainbows that direct and guide you in life and love.

Love d

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4 Responses to My daughter …

  1. Mark Southworth says:

    Touching! Little Beach will always be close to her heart and her Mom and Dad are the most important in her so adventuress life!

  2. Rich and Lesley says:

    The most fascinating thing about Colleen is that she is completely fascinating and yet she’ll be the last to tell you about it. She lives a very large life in an unassuming fashion.
    It’s quite brilliant. We love her and will miss her terribly this summer. It will be great fun to hear all about her new life, through her greatest champions, M&D.

  3. Carol says:

    She is very special to me. I’m the lucky one to have her as a niece and a good friend. Aunty Carol

  4. Martin Andersen says:

    Beautiful Daughter. Beautiful Pictures. Beautiful Sentiments. Beautifully written.
    Thank for sharing.

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