Back in the U…U…USA


…after five months in Ireland it is good to be back in the greatest country in the world.

So now I’ll start bitchin about it.

I can only wish that more business people get involved in politics because the crew we have now make the Minister of Silly Walks look good.  Calvin Coolidge, our 30th President, has been credited with saying “the business of America is business.”

silly walksI believe in the KISS principal…keep it simple stupid…If you take in one gazillion dollars a year…you can only spend one gazillion dollars per year…and isn’t it convenient for the government to drop those “long term” unemployed in their “numbers” game.  Once these people exhaust their benefits the government doesn’t recognize they exist any more.

I’m pretty sure they want to be counted and more importantly … get back to work…

You ask “What’s the solution then?”  Moi “term limits”…and getting people that can “count” in government so that a balanced budget is the norm… I’ll leave it at that.

Waa sup with David O.  … please tell me how to contact his Doctor in the Dominican Republic so I can “drink” from the fountain of youth.

david o

Speaking of the “drink”  is it time to switch from Jamison to Absolute?

I watched the Bruins lose the 5th game to Toronto the other night…looks like they wanted it more.  I never liked hockey before but I’m on the wagon since the Bs won the Cup a few years back..and you ask how many games have I watched this year.  One.


I did not get to see any of the Celtics games and their sad exit from the playoffs…this picture (Mark Southworth, far left) says it all.


This comment is for those that deem the care, at the hospitals in New Bedford and Fall River, adequate.  I went with my niece and brother to the Brigham and Women’s hospital the other day so that my brother could get a second opinion.  After the doctor had reviewed the MRIs taken by a south coast hospital, he said to us (he tried to be diplomatic about it) “I can’t read them…they are not very clear”  … says a lot about his past care.

Hey folks … Boston is just an hour away.

I picked up some of my “stuff” from the Milton Arts Center the other day…good deals are to be had if anyone is interested.  Forgive me, I  occasionally “pimp”  my work in this blog.

2013-11-19 20.42.54

2013-11-07 14.27.01

2013-11-17 19.49.08

Somewhere in the world someone will Google “pimp” and guess what … here I am.  Key words, it is all about key words … try it out … just Google “driftwood art” and see what’s on the first page.  Even better, Google “Long cock competition” and see what comes up.  No pun intended…but I do suggest that you only read what has my name attached to it.   Thank you HubSpot

Ya almost think I know what I’m doing.

…and hey people the following really deserve your attention and support.

matt h





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